Postcard with ants

To execute a card with our own hands "Ants" we need to use: 1. Light green cardboard. 2. Quilling paper - black, red, white. 3. Color paper lettuce. 4. Cardboard or a basis for a postcard 15x15 cm green or dark green. 5. Foam tape 6. Special tool for quilling, glue, tweezers, scissors. Preparing the base Take a light green cardboard, cut a square of 14x14 cm from it. Using a double sided adhesive tape, attach it in the center to the base. Let's cut out “green” tufts from lime paper, the width of which will also be 14 cm. Then we attach these “knobs” to a double-sided foam tape on the bottom of a light green surface. Then you can proceed to the implementation of the details of which will be our postcard. Making ants To do this, we use quilling paper (5 or 3 mm). To complete the torso of one ant, we need to make three parts and three strips of paper for the legs. To make the head, we take the paper for quilling (15 cm), then with a special tool for quilling we roll the roll a little and shape it like in the photo.If you do not have a special tool, then you can easily use a toothpick by winding quilling paper on it. Similarly, we perform the middle element of the ant's torso, for which we need paper 5 cm long, and for the last element of the torso we take paper 20 cm long. Each element can be made three at a time. Now we are performing the legs: you need to cut along the paper for quilling so that the legs look neat. We carry nine segments of 4 cm in length each and bend each in the middle. Then we twist each half in half, and at the end of the segment we perform another small bend, so that the legs of the ants are as realistic as possible. White paper for quilling is needed for making eyes. Similarly, we cut the paper along. This is necessary for the subtlety and accuracy of these details so that they do not look massive. It will be enough to have 2 cm of this paper to perform one eye. We make six such small rolls and fix them with glue. Now we connect the details so that we get three ants. First, we take the head, glue to it pre-prepared and properly bent legs,then we fix the middle roll of the small body onto the glue, after which two pairs of legs, and in the end - most of the body. Glue the eyes.
Postcard with ants
The inscription on the card To execute the letters, take the red quilling paper. For the letter “I” we need two pieces of red paper 5 cm long and one 3 cm long. We fasten the short segment with glue and tweezers on our card, and twist the other two segments on both sides and glue on the top and bottom of the existing strip.
Postcard with ants
To make a heart, you need to take the same red paper 10-12 cm long, bend it in half and twist the ends. Then form a heart and, in this form, glue it next to the first letter “I” so that the heart is in the middle of the postcard. To complete the letter “U”, you will need red quilling paper, 15-18 cm long, from which you should form a letter, twisting the edges with a quilling tool or a toothpick. Then gently attach the letter to the base of the postcard. Similarly, you can execute any other inscription that you want. The original and unusual card with your own hands "Ants" is ready!
Postcard with ants

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