Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourself

Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourselfEveryone loves to receive gifts, and especially those that are made with his own hands are especially pleasant. A hand-made postcard will be a great surprise for your loved ones, relatives or acquaintances. And especially this occupation will bring great pleasure to the kids. It's fun and interesting to make a postcard yourself. We offer you on our master class to make a card with origami elements - “dresses”.


Origami is the oldest form of art of folding different pieces of paper or cardboard. For the manufacture of parts in the style of origami will need: paper (colored, gift or not thick cardboard) scissors and glue. We offer you on our master class to make a card with origami elements - “dresses”.


A gift to your own mom: step by step instructions


1. Take a sheet of thin cardboard or colored paper from which you want to make a dress. Cut a square out of it. The paper should not be very thick, so that you can easily bend it. Roll the sheet in half, first horizontally, then vertically.Turn the sheet to the wrong side.


2. Bend the extreme sides of the paper along the dashed lines towards the center.


3. Turn the paper over and perform the previous action, i.e., fold the edges of the sheet along the dotted lines to the center.


4. Turn the product over to the other side and open the top (sash) of the paper.


Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourself


5. Bend the upper edge of the sheet towards the central part at a distance of 1.5 cm to form a neckline. The size of the bent part can be slightly changed to a smaller or larger side - it does not matter.


6. Look closely at the photo A, B, C, D. The left side of the folded strip in the previous paragraph, bend along the diagonal line and do the same with the right side. The distance from the center of each folded part should be 0.5 cm. See the following photo for the finished decollete.


Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourself


7. On the dotted lines bend the edges of the paper to the center.


8. Bend the edges of the sheet in opposite directions along the dotted lines.


9. Fold the product in half, the asterisks indicated on the photo must necessarily match.


Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourself


10. Turn the upper part of the dress back, but only the fold line should be 1.5 cm below the middle. It is indicated by a dotted line in the photo.


eleven.The corners on the outside of the product roll to the center along the dashed lines. This will be the waist top.


12. Bend the corners indicated by the dotted line, forming the waist of the bottom of the dress.


Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourself


13. Turn the product over to the opposite side. Your dress is ready.


Such dresses can be made different in color and size. Glue on the blank card, gift box or box. How glad your mother, grandmother, daughter or sister will be, having received such a postcard on March 8. Additionally, products can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins or ribbons. Add the inscription: “To my beloved mummy” or “Favorite granny”, etc.


Postcard mom on March 8 do it yourself


In general, cards with origami details turn out to be voluminous and beautiful. A variety of figures and products allows you to make cards on any subject. For example, a jubilee who is keen on driving a car can make a big, beautiful car. If the postcard is intended for a girl, then you can make flowers, and put in an origami bouquet of earrings or a ring. And also in this style, you can make an invitation to a wedding and decorate it with hearts.

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