Pine and Wool Fir

New Year's master class,make decorative small Christmas trees of cones, which you can decorate the table, making for them a beautiful stand, or, attaching to a cone loop, hang on a Christmas tree. Great workshop for children's creativity.

Materials and tools:

for the Christmas tree:

  1. bumps;
  2. glue;
  3. wool for felting;
  4. a cup of warm water and a cup of liquid soap;
  5. glue gun.

for stand:

  1. rectangular bar;
  2. pencil and ruler;
  3. drill and wood drill;
  4. if the bar is not processed, then sandpaper, paint or varnish, brush.

Step 1

If you make a Christmas tree toy from cones, then skip this step.

Take the bar and mark the places for grooves at the same distance from each other. Drill grooves, grind grooves and paint. Using the hot melt glue gun, glue the cones into the grooves.

Step 2

We pinch off a piece of length 5 cm from the wool, wind it onto the index finger, then roll it between the palms to form a ball.

Dip a ball of wool in a cup of water and a little (edge) dunk in liquid soap. Again we roll the ball between the palms until the ball is tight enough. If necessary, you can once again dunk the ball into the water. All, we leave the ball to dry and, repeating these steps, we make other balls.

Step 3

When all the beads are ready, glue them to the bump with a hot glue gun.

If you missed Step 1 and did not make a stand, then glue a loop to the knob, for example, made of tape or thread. As a result, we get a beautiful Christmas tree toy.

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