Pictures of young animals for kids

Pictures of young animals is our new topic of study. Let's admire the piglet, calf, lamb, puppy and newborn tiger cub together. We invite you to conduct a developmental activity with your child on a topic that he will definitely like. We will study which animal, which baby, and which baby, what mother! We picked up several different types of educational material on the topic "Animals Pictures"

 young animals

young animals

  • Cards with cubs of different animals
  • Cube with animals "Mom and Baby"
  • Game with the arrow "Mom and Baby
  • Puzzles" Mom and Baby "
  • li>
  • Pictures with families of animals

 Spending a lot of time in the apartment, kindergarten or school, playing endless games at the computer, watching TV, our children are increasingly moving away from nature.Many children no longer know that a cow baby is called a calf, and a sheep baby is a lamb.

Why does a modern urban child need this knowledge at all?

  1. A child develops memory. In rare cases, people naturally have a good memory, but, in general, it develops only from regular activities, including from activities with cards.
  2. When you show your child cards and call children of animals, you talk about the animals themselves, about their children, about their lifestyle. This will expand the child’s perception of the world around him, bring him a little closer to nature.
  3. Please note how widespread the game of “daughter to mother” has become. Children learn with interest all about other small creatures, even if it is a puppy or a kitten.

This parent-to-baby relationship is the stage of life that is now causing your child’s most lively interest because , that he actively teaches social roles. How to be a kid? How to be a son or daughter? What does being a parent mean? The child actively absorbs all the information and, already now, while still a child, he is already beginning to learn how to be a parent.These skills it is very useful in life, perhaps, much more than the ability to deduct the column or read quickly

. cube kids animal

cube kids animal

 game children of animals

game children of animals

puzzle kids animal

puzzles children of animals

 puzzle children animal 2

animal puzzles children 2

Laying out for the first time pictures of animals, for younger children, we explain that, like people, animals have families, each of which has a father, mother and children. By mixing the cards, we ask the children to independently distribute the animals according to their families.

Then we invite the children to come up with stories about one of the animal families. This is a wonderful exercise for the development of speech.

With older children, we introduce the concepts "male", "female", "baby". We learn the names of animals of different sex and age. We start with light, single-root, names: a lion, a lioness, a lion cub. Proceed to the next group, for example, sheep, sheep, lamb

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