Picking strawberries

According to existing standards, strawberries can be harvested if the fruits are fully ripe and clean. In the process of collecting, they should be immediately sorted by varieties and with or without a stem. Prerequisite is the presence of the cup in the berry. To collect, you must use the same container in which you plan to transport products.

Every two days you need to re-harvest. This is explained by the fact that strawberries ripen not at one time, but at a certain interval. For most popular varieties, fruits are harvested 5-6 times per season. Berries need to be torn carefully, not to take the fruit itself, but for the stem and gently pinch off. Then they are put in a container and, if necessary, they are laid with paper or a special cloth.

Directly on the bed should be selected rotten and mechanically damaged berries and immediately removed from the site. Experts advise to pick strawberries in the morning. In this case, the berries remain dense and retain the coolness of the night.

Under normal conditions, fruits can be stored for 15-20 hours.If they are placed in a cool room or refrigerator, the shelf life is increased to two weeks. Only cooling berries should be carried out immediately after harvest, without delay. Over long distances, transportation of products is usually carried out in refrigerators.

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