Pheromone traps - helpers in the garden

What is a pheromone trap?

Pheromones are molecules of special substances secreted by insects, animals, and humans to attract individuals of the opposite sex for reproduction.

A trap most often consists of two elements:

- a pheromone capsule that attracts males of a certain type of insect;

- gripping system, presented in the form of a cardboard box with an inner adhesive layer or with a container filled with water.

These traps are not toxic to humans and only affect certain insects.

It is highly recommended to install a pheromone trap prior to the alleged pest attack. To increase efficiency, it is better to install several types of traps from characteristic pests for this plant.

How to use?

There are two ways to use pheromone traps:

- Attracting and trapping male insects. This prevents the reproduction of this type of insect.

- Warning gardener about the beginning of the breeding of insects. As soon as you find yourself in the insect trap, you can step up the fight against them and other means (preferably biological, not chemical).

It is necessary to place the trap at a height of 1.5-2 meters. Enough 1 trap on 5 trees, if they are located close to each other. Against the pests of vegetables trap placed over the leaves in the center of the garden.

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