Petunia - sowing seedlings

You will need
  • - small pot or bowl;
  • - soil for flowers;
  • - water;
  • - seeds.
Among the gardeners, petunias are very popular. And it is not in vain, the flower is different in endurance, quite unpretentious. Among the variety of varieties is not difficult to pick up your own taste.
Hybrid varieties of plants endowed with increased resistance to weather and diseases. Their color is brighter, the size of the flowers is larger. Decorate with these flowers not only gardens, they are well acclimatized in hanging pots, balcony boxes and on the home window. With the help of petunia, easy to create carpet beds and borders.
Sowing of ampelous forms should be completed before the beginning of March. By doing this later, you can not get the desired amount of landing. Small pots or bowls, just those containers that are necessary for sowing.
Type in the soil in containers, it should be loose and well take water. Petunia seeds are very small, in this regard, they do not need to be deepened into the ground. After sowing, seedlings should appear in 10-15 days.During the growth period, it is desirable to transplant the sprout 2-3 times, in which case the development of seedlings will be more active. Do not forget to add to the pot when transplanting land.
Perform the first pickup at the appearance of 2-3 true leaves. After this procedure, maintain seedlings at a temperature of 20ºС for 10-12 days. Next come the temperature at 4-5 degrees below.
In the open ground, plant flowers from mid-May, when the weather sets and a plant is formed.

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