Pet Tent

Lodge tent for pet
It is no secret that all cats have a habit of hiding in the most secluded corners of the apartment. Sometimes these games of hide-and-seek can give a lot of trouble to the owners, because their pet can start to bite the wires or just get stuck in one of these places. To avoid such a problem, it is necessary to provide the animal with its own quiet and peaceful area. Such a tent is ideal for this purpose. In it, the animal will feel alone and protected. By the way, in such a house you can settle not only a cat, but also a ferret or a small dog. For the manufacture you will need the simplest materials that can be easily found at home or in the garage: - cardboard for the base (a box of - under shoes; size depends on the size of the pet); - thick wire (you can take old clothes hangers and unbend them); - T-shirt (size also depends on the pet); - paper and plainscotch tape; - scissors; - thread and needle;
 make the frame
First we make the frame. To do this, take two pieces of wire (40-50 cm each) and bend them with an arc. If the wire is thin, take it twice as large and twist it in half as follows:
 we will make a frame
Then wind the wire with paper tape, this will help make it more durable. Wind the ends especially carefully so that the animal does not hurt itself.
wind wire
 wind the wire
Now we’ll intersect the finished arcs and fasten in the middle with any tape.
wire cross to cross
Preparing the base of the tent. To do this, you can take a flat piece of durable cardboard or a box of shoes. The latter can not be cut completely, but leave the side parts, this will make the frame more robust.
Cut small holes in the corners with scissors.
make a hole
Paste into them top of the frame and bend the ends.
 connect from skeletons
Thoroughly fasten them with tape, making sure that the sharp edges do not You could also fix each arc near the side parts of the box.
We get the base of our tent. Its size completely depends on your desire and the size of your pet.
frame ready
Now prepare the T-shirt. Put the sleeves together as follows and fix them:
 we are preparing the cloth
You can try to pull the T-shirt over the frame to check if it is sufficiently voluminous. Adjust the distance between the sleeves, and then sew them together.
 House is a pet tent
Another option is to leave the sleeves on the sides so that the pet can play with them or use them as a tunnel. If the T-shirt is too long, cut off the excess part. From it you can later sew a small pillow and put inside the house.
 House pet tent
Now gently pull the T-shirt onto the frame. The collar will serve as an entrance. Place it at that level, that it was convenient for an animal to climb vn but the feeling of privacy was preserved. Complete the craft by arbitrarily securing the T-shirt at the back. You can simply pull it off and tie it into a knot or carefully sew the edges together. It should not be too tight to deform the frame. House is a tent for a pet
Put inside a soft base and a tent house for your pet is ready!
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