Pendant Tree of Life Wire

We make of wirePendant Tree of Life. Weaving method is quite simple, because does not contain unnecessary elements and decorations, but only the tree itself. So this master class is perfect for beginners.

Materials and tools:

  1. wire thickness of 1 mm and 0.3 mm;
  2. pliers;
  3. round nose pliers;
  4. pliers.

Step 1

We take the wire with a thickness of 0.3 mm and bite off 7 lengths of approximately 25 cm. We assemble them into a bun and we smoke tightly.

Then fold in half, be sure to leave a loop (it should be big, because of it will be the roots of the tree), and twist again. The second time is not completely twisted, but only in the length of the tree trunk.

Step 2

Tree trunk.

The barrel is almost readywe cut the loop in half and divide it into two bunches - these will be the roots, two bundles will also be obtained from the top - these will be branches of the tree.

However, you can make a more beautiful tree trunk, see photo Step 2.2. To get such a barrel, we collect three bundles of wire with a thickness of 0.3 mm and 7 fibers in each bundle. Then just weave them into a pigtail. It turns out the bottom three bundles for the roots, a tree trunk and the top three bundles for the branches.

Step 3

Getting down to making the ring (base) for the pendant.

Take a wire with a thickness of 1 mm and wrap it around something round, for example, a pipe. Be sure to stay the ends.

Fold the ends in different directions (approximately, at a right angle). Using the round pliers, bend at the ends of the ring. We bite off excess wire, a small distance is obtained between the rings.

Step 4

Connect the rings together. We take the wire with a thickness of 0.3 mm, pass through both rings and make several tight turns so that the rings stick tightly together.

To hide the ends, twist the wire and put it in the groove between the rings.

Step 5

Take the ring-base and stem and try on. If the stem is very large, then unwind the bunch to the desired length.

Step 6

We divide bundles of roots and branches into fibers.

Step 7

Fibers of branches and roots are collected in small buds, consisting of 4-5 fibers, and twist them. Then we divide each of the beams into smaller beams, consisting of 2-3 fibers, and again twist them together.

The result is a tree with thick and small branches and roots.

Step 8

Putting pendant. We take a ring-basis, inside we place a tree from a wire. Next, each fiber (wire) is wound on a ring with coils. In doing so, we try to give a beautiful shape and bends to the roots and branches.

To decorate the branches and roots, you can use beads or beads, just string them onto the wire, and wind the end of the wire around the ring.

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