Passionflower - care. Passion Flower

Passionflower -–- care.-Passion FlowerAmazing shapepassionflower flowersvery similar to the stars. They gave this beautiful plant a popular name -cavalier star. And in Latin “passio” means passion, “flos” means a flower; from here came another name -passionflower.


Care for passiflora.



Althoughflower growers love passionflowerfor its fragile flowers, but the plant itself cannot be called tender. Judge for yourself: this is a very strong vine, which with the help of antennae clings to the support, thanks to which it can be givenany form. It is very important to spend every springpassion flower pruning, shortening shoots to 0.5 m. This will stimulate the growth of young shoots and the abundant flowering of passionflower (buds are formed on young shoots of the flower of the blue, red, pink passion flower, etc.). You can trim the long branches of the vine and after the autumn flowering.Propagate passiflorapreferably top cuttings remaining after pruning.Each cutting should have at least two leaves. Put them in a container with water, cover the top with a plastic bag, a month later transplant to a permanent place.


Cavalier star - passiflora.



Passionflower- highlyphotophilousplant. If you put it on a shaded window, this is not the best way to affect the flowering. To contain passionflow is necessaryon the sunny side of the room, constantly airing the room. However, do not create drafts, otherwise the plant can discard the foliage. In the summer, water passionately. Do not forgetdrain excess waterfrom the pallet. Spray the flora often; a periodic “shower” is useful for washing the dust off the leaves.In winter, reduce wateringbut if the air in the room is dry, continue spraying. Lowering the temperature to 0 "C tolerates the plant well.

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