Paper Topiary

So that happiness does not leave the house, it must be kept. A handmade talisman will certainly help this. Often after the bouquets there is crepe paper, which is a pity to throw away. In the pantry, needlewomen accumulates a lot of different materials at hand, it may be old newspapers, threads and unnecessary cosmetics, such wealth will be used. To work you need to find in your bins:
  • newspaper;
  • thick threads;
  • crepe paper from flowers;
  • old dry eyeshadow;
  • child watercolor;
  • one napkin;
  • PVA;
  • brush;
  • ribbon slice;
  • decorative candle;
  • pins;
  • scissors
paper topiary
Work stages 1. To divide the newspaper in half. From one part to roll a tubule in several layers, to wrap the last layer from above. Cover the edge. The second part is crushed into a tight lump so that it turns into a beautiful sphere, wrapped with threads. Make a hole in the middle with a sharp pencil and expand it to the diameter of the barrel. 2 . The ability of the bark will be obtained if the trunk is pasted with a crumpled, torn napkin, making it wrinkled as the glue is applied. Paint with black paint, diluting with liquid glue. After the first layer dries and stops getting dirty, make a beautiful golden texture with dry shadows. Their advantage over acrylic paint and bronze in that the palette has a large selection of colors and you can immediately choose the right one. It is desirable to fix the result. A spray of hairspray will do the job.
 topiary of paper
3. It's time to connect the two parts of the base. After that, the crown is wrapped in a piece of paper, tied at the bottom with a ribbon, and fixed on top with glue and pins.
 paper topiary
4.The scheme for rosettes is used the most primitive, which can be mastered even a child. The folded strip is twisted into a tight roll. Bend the top edge, stretching the folds of corrugated paper.Edge cut in an arc, at the bottom of a flower dipped in glue.
 paper topiary
5. Gather all the inflorescences into the crown, again dipping the bottom edges into the glue and fixing it on the tailor pins with beautiful heads . They will serve as an additional decoration.
paper topiary
6. Barrel is set in an aromatic candle, removing paraffin from the middle. Empty space around fill them. Pour a beautiful decorative trifle on top.
 paper topiary
Topiary is ready. It is perfect for decorating the room, and will give a good mood with its beauty. And where there is joy, there is happiness.
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