Paper flower table decoration

decoration from paper flowers
The Easter holiday ranks first among Christian holidays in the life of a believer. Flowers are a wonderful symbol of Easter. Therefore, the best decoration for the table will be ekibana from paper flowers, which is made by hand. For this we need the following:
  • Plain foil
  • Corrugated paper of different colors.
  • Glue "Titan".
  • Toothpicks.
  • Polyfoam.
  • Satin white and gold ribbons.
  • Cardboard.
  • Gold or silver beads.
Base So let's start by cutting a square from foam size 5x5 cm. Now we cut a 6x6 cm square out of cardboard, which we glue over the edges on all sides with a thin golden ribbon. Glue the cardboard to the base of the foam with glue. And the foam from the four sides pasted decorative white tape.In this way, the basis for Ekibany is ready.
 decoration from paper flowers
Flowers and Buds The beauty of handmade work is that You can easily choose exactly the colors that prevail in the room. Therefore, it is worth deciding in advance on what kind of corrugated paper the color should be bought. Definitely need green paper for leaves and trunks. I picked up four colors for my range - white, brown, yellow and red. In order to cut the petals out of paper, we first make two main patterns of petals on which later we can make all the flowers. These are two types of petals of 5x3.5 cm and 2.5x4 cm of various sizes. Then cut the paper into strips according to the size of the templates.
 decoration from paper flowers
decoration from paper flowers
But first you need to make a basis for giving volume to flowers. To do this, we put a small piece of cotton wool on a toothpick smeared on the end with glue, and put a foil square on top.We compress the foil down to the level of the toothpick, fix it and now it is possible to begin to glue the petals to such a basis.  decoration from paper flowers
 decoration from paper flowers
1 row - paste two small petals opposite each other. We glue them with overlapping tops on each other from one side and in the opposite direction from the other side.
 decoration from paper flowers
 decoration from paper flowers
2nd row - we also glue two small petals like in the first row, just place these leaves on opposite sides.
paper flowers ornament
3rd row - we glue three small petals and do the same with them as in the previous rows. decoration from paper flowers
 decoration from paper flowers
4 row - take four small petals. All the same. 5 row - go to the big template. Two petals are glued opposite each other. 6 row - take three petals. 7 row - four. 8 row - we start to stick beautiful swirling leaves step by step on each other in a circle. About 4 pieces in this row. Pre-prepare the leaves, twist the toothpick on both sides, turn it upside down, and on the other side below at the attachment point to the base, stretch it in the middle.
 decoration from paper flowers
decoration from paper flowers
 decoration from b Brass colors
 decoration from paper flowers
9 row - paste 5 more pieces. Further, if you wish, you can continue the series.
 decoration frompaper flowers
We do buds just like flowers, the only thing is to finish them on the 6th to 7th row. We glue green leaves to the bottom of the bud. We wrap the stem with green paper. decoration from paper flowers In total, it will take about 13 flowers and 2 - 4 buds to decorate the table.
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