Italian strawberry pie, which is prepared for one-two

Italian strawberry pie, which is prepared for one-two Do you like strawberries as I love them? If it seems to you that you have already tried all sorts ofstrawberry dessertsHe appears - a recipe that surprises and conquers. And our friendly editorial staff is.

Rassolnik in Leningrad

Rassolnik in Leningrad Many Russian families cook soups. Usually it is rich thick soup, borscht, pickle, which go well especially in winter. Coming from the frost, pour a plate of steaming aromatic and nutritious brew - and immediately the world will be kind, and.

Just see what beauty can be made from the remnants of the fabric

Just see what beauty can be made from the remnants of the fabric. Practically everything can be decorated with such wonderful volumetric flowers from fabric: blouses, bags, hairpins, cards, gifts, lamps, cakes, etc. They look very elegant and festive, and are sewn from the.

Dates - useful and tasty fruits

Dates - useful and tasty fruits Tell me, is it easy to find such a person who does not like dates? This wonderful oriental delicacy, which, no matter how sad it may be, falls on our tables not every day, has long established itself.

Master Class Apple Tree

Apple Blossom Workshop The headband and brooch of plastic suede. And let's start with a selection of materials for making a wonderful set. Prepare: - plastic white and olive suede. - scissors. is the basis for the brooch. - iron bezel. - thin double-sided.

How to cook soup

How to cook soup? Watch the video How to cook soup? Ukha is a very popular dish that can be found in Scandinavian countries, in Ukraine and in Russia. It is known that there are many ways to cook soup. In this article we.

Sparrow T-shirt

Sparrow T-shirt Summer came and an idea came up to decorate a white T-shirt with a pattern. For this, I found an image of two birds, supposedly sparrows. So, we need: 1. T-shirt. 2. Figure with sparrows. 3. Pencil. 4. Acrylic paints. 5. gold.

Frog out of paper

How to make a frog out of paper? How do I make it out of paper? Also helps to create a better direction for children. Children in love. Therefore, here we consider how to create a frog out of paper. We will look at.

Lemon Kvass

Lemon Kvass Today I will present you a recipe for a great tasty and refreshing drink -lemon kvass. We need: 1) 800 grams of black (rye) bread 2) 7 liters of water 3) one and a half to two Sakana raisins 4) 2 glasses.

Gardener's Tips

Gardener's Tips Beautifully decorating your own garden and taking care of the harvest is a difficult task. How can you manage everything and achieve the desired result in the work on the site? Add the original element in the design of the garden will.

Shishka Salad

Shishka Salad Salad Coneis a recipe. Ingredients: cream cheese 300 g; ham 200 gr; pine nuts 50 gr; dill 20 gr; mayonnaise 50 g; almonds for decoration; salt, garlic to taste; crackers with bacon flavor. Cooking Cut the ham into very small cubes. Whip.

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