Outerwear for men

From standard jackets to trendy coats. From windbreakers to unique fur coats ... Today we offer to talk about men's outerwear, which, like women's, can be original and diverse. Note that a huge number of models we found on the site http://garments.wikimart.ru/to_men/mens_clothing/raincoats/. Men's raincoats here compete with women's jackets - the choice is great and it is worth searching in the wilds of the site in search of an interesting model. We chose this site as the basis for the material.

We think few men will support us in the desire to disassemble the tendencies of outerwear. After all, most often the strong half of humanity is limited to one item of clothing for each season and does not duplicate the upper things. However, we - the beautiful half of humanity, always want to dress up their gentlemen. Let's do it at least virtually.

In our list of today we have:

  • Windbreaks
  • Raincoats
  • Coats;
  • Jackets
  • Down jackets
  • Macs.

In fact, the list may be more complete.But, as it seems to us, other options will largely duplicate the types of outerwear already listed.

Windbreakers and raincoats - demi-season versions of jackets. They are light, as a rule it is an upper waterproof layer and a thin lining - smooth, sliding. There are not so many trends in this market. Is that that this year were popular styles "pilot's jacket" or leather jacket. But how original is it? We think that such options were in use and a few years ago.

Coat - this is the type of outerwear that is in trend at any time. As a rule, men offer classic options. Always in the price cashmere, wool coat. Fashion designers play only with the color or type of pockets, the same clasp. A minimum of innovations - after all, coats are chosen by conservative men, they do not tolerate unnecessary "gestures" in the fashion world.

Jackets and down jackets - we decided to combine them into one group. After all, they either replace each other with the change of the seasons or, indeed, are the same subject in the wardrobe of a man. Jackets and down jackets can be elongated, or, conversely, short. The filler is different - in jackets it is, as a rule, a synthetic winterizer, in feathers, of course, fluff.Note that often men's jackets and down jackets sate with a huge number of pockets.

Macs - in fact, these are the same raincoats, but with British roots. Macs are the favorite "field" of fashion designers. What is the reason, it is not clear. After all, in fact, we are dealing with an ordinary light raincoat, with wide patch pockets and a belt. As in the case of a coat, fashion designers change only the color and fabric - the style remains the same.

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