Out of embarrassment: Prince Harry began to molest Markle in public

He could not resist seeing Megan in a sexy black suit ...

The prince did not lie when he said that he could not have a day without Megan. True, sometimes, it seems, he is not able to endure a couple of hours ... The other day, Harry, forgetting about etiquette and other propriety, useful to hug his wife in front of photographers.

Photo: Legion-Media

On that day, the Prince and Duchess of Sussex were awarded the children of the WellChild Awards. And whether the mood in Harry turned out to be too playful, or whether the seductive black suit Megan did his job, but at half-time the prince gave vent to his hands.

Of course, the impulse of the prince was immediately filmed by all the photographers present at the event, and the pictures were instantly scattered over the Internet.

While some considered such liberty to be unacceptable, especially since the event was childish, others only were touched by the emotionality of the man and his sincerity. Like, it is not vulgar, but extremely cute. Everyone would have such gentle husbands!

Well, it remains to wait for the reaction of the queen, and she certainly will reprimand his grandson with a couple of scathing words. The eldest, William, does not allow this.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:47 / Views: 31184

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