If you like to create things yourself, this work may seem too simple. For those who for the first time want to try to make a useful and necessary interior for a house - a win-win option. In this work it is difficult to miss even a novice. So, we think over what size and color of the ottoman we need. Although this item is portable, where its main place will be - it is better to decide before manufacturing. In this case, it is easier to choose the upholstery of the ottoman in tone and make it the right complement to the interior. We are preparing all the necessary materials (which, by the way, can vary). And, finally, get down to work. 1. We make up several plastic bottles of the same size and tightly rewind them with duct tape. If you have more "heavy" family members, you can make the structure stronger; on top of the bottlenecks, put on additional bottles with cut tops. All the spaces between the plastic are filled with the remains of old things, batting, foam rubber.  several plastic bottles
several plastic bottles2.From the remnants of thick cardboard or fiberboard, cut two identical circles, which will become the basis for the padded stool. Sizes, naturally, should coincide with the diameter of the base of your design. But small errors are permissible. This is a relatively difficult job, especially if you do not have the right tools. You can do with sharp scissors and a knife.
 cut two identical circles
 we tape with tape
3. Cut out the base with adhesive tape and re-fill all gaps. You can use old things, sweaters, even socks and tights.
4. We wrap this still unsightly design with dense fabric, in this case, with a piece of linen track. You can use an old jacket or coat (everything that for some reason stays in the closet for a long time and waited for time, "what if you need it!"). The bottom of the wrap tightly, pulling and aligning along the bottom. We sew the sides and tighten the top tightly, slightly wrapping up the remnants of the fabric.You can add batting remnants by sewing the top with wide stitches to fasten.
5. You can make the cover of foam rubber. If you make it a little more seat, the ottoman will look like a fungus. It can and zadekorirovat in this style. For fantasy and the use of unnecessary things - in this part of the work a lot of options.
make a foam cover
6. We begin to sew a cover. I used the fabric from the skirt. You can choose the color and pattern to taste from the already existing things, which for some reason have not found their use before. If you want to clearly observe the style in the room, then you can buy some necessary material. Its size depends on the height and diameter of your ottoman. Although blouses and used sweaters can also help out a lot. First, with small allowances, cut out the circle of the seat and the strip along the diameter of the seat (if it is wider than the base). Sew first the ends of the strip, and then, join the circle in two parts. Separately we sew a cover of a basis пуфи. The bottom of the turn with a margin for pulling gum. Now we join (we screw up) the seat cap and the foundation stocking.This work can be done with thick hand stitches, but if you have a sewing machine, your work is greatly simplified.
Getting to sew cover
 Start sewing the case
 we wear a case
we wear a case
7. We put on a cover. Check the stability. We rejoice at the new and favorite thing!

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