Original ideas for creativity: stamps from improvised material

Using stamps, it is easy to create exclusive things. Versatile decor elements, decorated with his own accessories, background images and fancy ornaments - just some of the options. Having in the arsenal a sufficient number of stamps, you can do scrapbooking or drawing. It’s easy to make an original print for business cards or bookplates for books in your personal library.

Stamps from vegetables and fruits - a real find

The material from which you can cut stamps, vegetables and fruits that have a dense structure. Perfect for this purpose: apples, potatoes, pumpkins, carrots or beets.

You can also use other vegetables for stamping.

When the tires at hand

The universal material for making stamps is an eraser. It is easy to find it even in a schoolchild's case.

A good stamp will be the pieces of rubber pasted onto the cardboard.

Cork plugs - perfect material for creativity

Wine cork plugs make excellent stamps.

Cork can also be used as a pen for printing. It is easy to attach pieces of rubber to them, foam figures and even buttons.


Polyfoam - an excellent material for creating stamps

Easy to make versatile polymer clay seals

We work with a cloth: a heel and not only

In the fabric technique, it is easy to apply a variety of patterns to the fabric. For prints over the centuries, craftsmen have used wood. It was on him that the pattern was carved.

If the stamp is planned to be used repeatedly, it is better to varnish its surface. Paint designed for batik is not suitable for this technique. Take better acrylic or special paints for fabrics.

With the help of a usual rolling pin and a stencil cut out of foamiran, it is easy to get exclusive designer items.

If you don't want to cut a stamp

You can use to create stamps and silicone gun. It is enough to apply the image on any flat surface.

With a creative approach, the most unexpected items will help in creating creative things.

Ready-made moldings can also be used as stamps.

Taking these ideas as a basis, it is easy to make changes to the interior, make original gifts for friends, or find an exciting activity for a child.

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