Original Bonbonnieres

The tradition of presenting small gifts to guests has become a true trend in recent years. Such a gesture expresses gratitude to the newlyweds, for the fact that the guests shared with them this day. Of course, each couple decides independently whether to give gifts or not, based on their own views, preferences and the number of guests. A classic gift is bonbonniere - a container with sweets. Bonbonniere can be filled with marmalade, biscuits, dragees, macaroons or small sweets. They do not have to be expensive, they can be made with your own hands.
 original bonbonniere
Today we will tell you how you can make an original bonbonniere with your own hands. Required tools and materials: - small bottles or baby food jars, - adhesive tape, - acrylic paint, - scissors, - cork,
- thread, - cards, - real flowers or plants.
Stages of creating a bonbonniere: 1. We take the adhesive tape, cut it into stripes on the tonic and glue the bottle, dividing it into sectors.
 original bonbonniere
2. Sectors that were not under adhesive tape are painted with acrylic paint. Color paint can match the basic color of your wedding.
original bonbonnieres
3. Then peel off the adhesive tape from the surface of the bottle and give the paint a little dry.
original bonbonnieres
4. Fill bottle with jelly beans or other sweets, close with cork.
original bonbonnieres
5. We attach cards with words of gratitude that you want to say to the guests at the neck of the bottle.
original bonbonniere
6. The bottle can still be decorated with a live flower or a plant, for example, with a sprig of fragrant lilac.
original bonbonnieres
 original bonbonniere
 original bonbonniere
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Your guests will eobychayno nice to get such a nice gift, made by your hands.

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