Ordinary miracle: childless spouses waited for the baby, losing hope

Childlessness is the harsh reality of many couples. Most often, it is caused by a specific cause, but often the doctors shrug: both partners are healthy, and pregnancy does not occur. And in such situations, the statement that God gives children looks more than fair.

At that time, when Masha and Maxim got married, medicine was not yet equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, and laboratory tests were at a primitive level by today's standards. Perhaps that is why no one could really say why they have no children. In search of an answer, they went around all the medical luminaries of the city, but they only shrugged: they say, both of you are completely healthy, and why not a pregnancy occurs, only God knows. Realizing that medicine could not help them, desperate spouses began to travel to holy places in the hope of begging their daughter or son. But the years went by, and there were still two of them.Despair gradually changed to humility: it became clear that it would be impossible to give birth to your child. True, they still could not imagine families without children. And they decided that the only chance to find parental happiness was to take the baby from the orphanage. But these plans did not come true because of the Sister Luba's Machine.

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She was five years younger than Masha, but she already had two children. Realizing what awaits the third, fell into despair: she and her husband and two young sons, and so huddled in a tiny one-room apartment, where else to give birth? Yes, and with the money is not at all thick, the kids wear the clothes one after another. In short, the third child, their family just will not sduzhit. So I decided to take a sin and an abortion.

Hearing about Luba’s pregnancy so inappropriate, Masha almost burst into tears. My God, someone has unnecessary children, but she cannot conceive of one! She would have such a “problem” like her sister! And then it dawned on Masha: why take a child from an orphanage, if you can in fact raise your krovino? “Leave this pregnancy, I beg you,” she said to herself unexpectedly, as if she had thought everything over and decided. “Let Maxim and I have a dear little man.”

Luba, stunned by this proposal, went home to consult with her husband. "Well, leave, once such a thing," Vitaly shrugged. And he asked: “They will definitely not change their mind at the last moment, when will it be too late?” We don't need an extra mouth. And nowhere to live - and so we sleep like sprats in a bank. ”

The prospect of a baby soon appearing in the family has drastically changed the life of Masha and Maxim. They quickly re-planned their apartment, turning the bedroom into a nursery, bought a cot, and slowly began to prepare a children's dowry. Regarding the name of the future baby, an agreement came right away: either Eugene or Eugene. The more Lyuba's waist was rounded, the more impatient he grew: they had so long dreamed of picking up their crumbs!

The long-awaited event was to occur in June. And in the spring, Masha felt unwell: her head was spinning, she was tormented by inexplicable weakness, and nausea was rising in the morning. I decided that this is a seasonal exacerbation of gastritis, but once, getting ready for work in the morning, I fainted. Terrified Maxim called an ambulance. The woman doctor, after listening to Masha's complaints, asked how she was doing in the female line. She thought: and really, not as usual.She did not pay attention to the delay, because she ceased to fix the regularity of the cycle. “Go to the gynecologist, my dear,” the doctor instructed, putting a tonometer in the briefcase.

At the doctor’s appointment, Masha almost fell off her chair when the doctor said with confidence: “Pregnancy. The term is six to seven weeks. Will you leave? ”“ Of course, I will! ”Masha almost shouted, not remembering herself from happiness.

Maxim, who was waiting for his wife near the office, could not hold back her tears when he heard the doctor's verdict from Masha. My God, fifteen years of waiting - and here it is, the long-awaited joy that happened at that moment when they had already lost hope! "Well, then there was not a single child, but there will be two," - Maxim was happy. There was no question of changing the plans for the baby whom Lyuba bore; it was the child they were waiting for.

But in the family of the younger sister after the news of the elder pregnancy there was a grand scandal. “But I don’t care that Mashka is on demolition! - Vitaly, who was suspicious that the child his wife had worn under his heart, was no longer needed for the family was not shy of emotions. - They ordered - so let them take! If it were not for their foolish idea, and there would be no problem. They made the porridge themselves - they themselves must clear up the mess! ”

Lyuba gave birth to a sunny June morning.The midwife, who took delivery, grunted contentedly: “Right girl! As from a textbook - 51 centimeters in height, the weight of three and a half kilograms, the covers are clean, reflexes are clear. And what a pretty one! ”Lyuba, looking at the newborn, cried. How could she promise to give her crumbs? Yes, never happen to this!

Frustrated, Vitaly, having learned about his wife's decision, did not even meet her with the child from the hospital. But in the evening he came home drunk in the insole and shouted at Masha and Maxim, who helped Luba with the arrangement of the room, that it was their fault that he had become a father of many children. “Get out! - the eyes of the usually good-natured Lyuba narrowed into slits from resentment and indignation. - I myself will raise my children, all three. And you can roll on all four sides. For example, to Nadeushka, an accountant who has been drying for you for a long time. Go, go, she will feel sorry for you, you have such a misfortune - a daughter was born! ”

The baby woke up from the noise and cried loudly. Lyuba grabbed her in her arms, pressed her to her chest and began to calm her down. And the enraged Vitaly, leaving, in the hearts of so banged the door that almost could not fly apart. Here not only the newborn, but also the frightened older children roared.

Vitali came home the next day.At the entrance he saw an ambulance and orderlies carrying the stretcher out of the door. Lyuba was lying on them with wet hair scattered - on the basis of the stress experienced, she began to have a fever. Masha followed with a newborn in her arms, and Maksim led the hands of boys. “They put Lyuba in the hospital, while the children are with us,” Masha told him dryly, and leaning over the stretcher, whispered to her sister: “Get well, dear, and don't worry about the kids — I will arrange my vacation. Everything will be fine, the main thing - get better. "

When the ambulance car disappeared around the corner, Vitaly, without looking at his relatives, said: “Take a little, I still can’t cope with it, and the boys will stay with me: I’ll go to work and get administrative leave. But that's what ... I got excited yesterday. Of course, this daughter seemed to be unplanned, but this is still my child, and as soon as Lyuba recovers, we will take her away. And I’m not angry at yesterday’s night - I just drank too much. ”

Lyuba spent two weeks in the hospital. She was discharged weak but happy: her husband visited her every day, asked for forgiveness. Together, they came up with a fancy name for their daughter - Violetta. Laughing, Masha said that Violetta Vitalyevna is just “oil of oil”, but as the parents decided, so be it.One bad luck: while Lyuba was in the hospital, her milk was gone, so little Vitka grew up on artificial feeding. But at the same time, she practically did not suffer from allergies or colic and showed an unusually positive temper.

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And after the November holidays little Zhenya was born. She is not at all like her cousin: both girls outwardly went to their fathers. Folk sign says that if the daughter looks like her father, she will be happy. Happiness is a changeable thing, and one cannot say that only solid joys fell to the sisters’s share, but both grew up surrounded by crazy parental love. Vitaly in his daughter just did not mind. As he himself said more than once, he doesn’t imagine what kind of life it would be if there were no coils. She is affectionate and obedient - in a word, not a girl, but the name of her father's heart.

Vita and Zhenya grew up, have got their own families, but since childhood they are not only cousins, but also best friends. And they try to celebrate holidays together, and they like to relax with a big company, and are always ready to help each other.

By the way, in the family of Masha and Maxim there were no more children, although the spouses really wanted to.Maria is still confident that someone at the top specifically ordered that her only pregnancy happened only after the daughter of her younger sister got a guaranteed chance to be born.

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