Ooh! Soot tried to debunk rumors about pregnancy, but she did not believe

The model has published a photo that was supposed to dot all e, but something went wrong.

Victoria was always suspected of being pregnant - except for those brief moments when she was quite extremely thin and laid out candid photos. But lately, the number of comments with a question, when does she admit to the obvious and give birth to just rolls over. Fans literally in every picture see evidence of pregnancy: the grown tummy, rounded cheeks, a characteristic gesture when the hands are folded on the stomach. The last photo Bonia, by the way, even deleted from her page. But Vika honestly admitted that she had recovered, and now she is finally satisfied with her figure.

Photo: @victoriabonya

But the fans were not appealing. And the beauty's patience finally broke: she decided to comment on the rumors about pregnancy for the first time.She chose a method similar to the one Naomi Campbell resorted to when she was congratulated on the birth of her first child. The black panther then, we recall, posted a naked photo, at once removing all suspicions. Victoria also posted a new picture, but didn’t approach the question so radically. She did not undress at the camera, but she chose a rather frank outfit: an open white waginoplate on thin straps.

Photo: @victoriabonya

“I look pregnant ???” - Victoria asked in the med.

“Well, of course you are not. Slender beauty, the dream of every man, ”assured her part of the fans. And it’s even a pity that she’s not pregnant, because Bony’s child has a sight.

But the other part of the fans unambiguously and confidently answered: “Yes!” They say that the dress, though open, does drape the tummy. So Victoria may well be in the early term. In general, dear mom, we congratulate and wish easy delivery - many comments come down to this. But Vika is now parting with her beloved French billionaire ...

However, Bonia is not the only star forever suspected of being pregnant. True, sometimes suspicious fans are still right.As in the case of Eva Longoria, for example, or Leroy Kudryavtseva. Anyone who is continually congratulated on the upcoming replenishment, look in our photo gallery by an arrow to the right.

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