One hundred reasons why I love you

A jar of love confessions on Valentine's Day. What could be better than to hear declarations of love from a loved one, and even on such a holiday as St. Valentine's Day. Better than one, there will be only a hundred confessions, why the elect is so dear to you. Today we will make a bottle “one hundred reasons why I love you.” The work will use: - a glass jar or a small bottle of beautiful shape; - PVA glue; - a sponge;
- water-based paint; - universal silicone glue; - colored printing paper; - lacquer spray; - thick threads (burlap). Getting to work. Using a sponge, we tint the glass surface of the bottle with white paint. When the first layer of paint dries, we paint the bottle once more, but now it has been finished with the necessary shade of paint (you can add color to the paint using special colors for water-based paint or by adding a little water color to the paint). Rememberthat the color of the paint will lighten a little when it dries. -rabote-budut-ispolzovatsya.jpg "alt =" The work will use "title =" The work will be used ">
While the second layer of paint dries, print out the name on the sheet for our jar. It is possible to take as a basis the proposed or to come up with a name yourself.  we print the name Carefully cut out the words and use PVA to glue them to the surface small bottles. Adhesive is not used too much, otherwise the sheet can get wet, and excess glue will create ugly stains on the surface. Like paint and glue, you need to let it dry thoroughly.
 Carefully cut out the words
Now you need to decorate the upper part of the neck so that no trace can be seen to twist the cap. We take a thick sacking thread, glue its end on a drop of silicone universal glue and, wetting the entire length in PVA, wind it around the neck. The tip is also fixed with a transparent silicone adhesive. At the bottom of my bottle there are also traces that give out its original purpose, so they also hide it under the thread.If you need to hide only traces from twisting, then the bottom part can be not decorated with a thread. If you use a glass jar with a beautiful lid as the base, you can skip this stage of the decor altogether. We open the surface of the bottle with lacquer spray to fix the decor. If the surface is not lacquered, it will quickly get dirty, and it will not be possible to wash it.  decorate the top of the neck As a bottle, for a bottle with confessions, I will use the usual wooden cork, so just decorate it with threads, fixing them with a knot.  we tie wooden cork with Now let's deal with the inner contents of our festive bottle. On colored paper we print declarations of love, many of which can be found on the Internet. But if you want confessions to be more personal, it’s certainly better to invent them yourself. The larger the bottle or jar that is used as a base, the larger the strips of recognition must be made. Cut the strips, twist them and fasten with a thread, ribbon or glue droplets.
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