Olga Shukshina: “Our roads diverged from Masha”

At our request, Olga wrote revelations about the protracted conflict with her mother Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina and how she plans to build relationships with her older sister.

The most difficult year in my life

Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

Today I am on the verge of a new life. Ended the year, which, perhaps, was the most difficult in my life. The degree of severity was determined by the complete rupture of relations with the native mother, but, as it turned out, not irreversible. And this is the main lesson I learned from last year.

The housing problem, which led us to a serious conflict, of course, is not one year, it is almost my age. And it all started with the fact that mom didn’t endure a year of mourning for the death of her husband Vasily Shukshin and six months later brought to the house the "new dad" Misha Agranovich, a rather famous by that time operator. He lived in our house for ten years and left. Then another five years lived a Pole, an artist from Warsaw. And all this in the apartment, which my father earned by his honest work, but he did not even live there for a year - he left this life.In “Kalina Krasnaya”, at the climax of his moment, his hero utters the prophetic words: “I’d rather gnaw the earth, but you will be all right with me!” And so it happened, he’s “two meters underground,” and we are “all in chocolate". So you have to be at least grateful to his memory. All this was boiling in me from my very childhood, first a misunderstanding, then questions that had grown into complexes, and, as a result, a big public scandal.

I honestly did not touch this situation for 30 years, but the insult did not pass. With God's help and with the birth of a child, the pain somehow subsided in me. We moved to a quiet provincial town with a singing name Shuya. Here, my son Vassenka grew up and was brought up under the fertile prayer cover of the monks of the monastery. When he came of age, we at the family council decided to move to the capital in order to make the right choice in the further education of our son.

And it turns out that nobody waited for us!

February 25, 2015Lika Bragina

gives the impression of a paperboard dill, she is 50, and she’s all in a storm, a nightmare of herself or people

a guest04.10.16 19:33

Lydia, she is not Shukshina - she can’t even pick up a word but **** Precisely! And Olga is right!

A true believing Orthodox person cannot be such a wicked, vengeful, and envious selfish person. It is necessary to forgive. And if you have forgiven, never again remember the offenses, do not keep the stone in the bosom.

So do not love the most relatives - mother and sister? God is love! Love saves the soul!

When you love, you forgive everything without BUT and IF.

Why is she always so angry? Some strange details you notice in her behavior. Savoring, talks about celebrities with whom she was once familiar. Some kind of unhealthy attitude towards men ... Is that what it should be? Or maybe she just did not achieve anything, like a sister, like a mother, wildly jealous, and hiding behind imaginary grace and holiness? Strange woman...

Yelping offended doggie ...

They talk about the Great! Olga, you are one of them! Let these lady-writers give up all their blessings and leave with the child in the wilderness. Will be engaged in agriculture. Live in the Monastery. Everything is relative. HEALTH, GOOD LUCK and WELFARE OLGA!

1. Olga wanted to take revenge on the mother for the conflict with her son, and does not hide this. She publicly disgraced her, but at the same time put herself in an even worse light as a heartless and not forgiving person.

2Olga is on the top five makes claims to the mother and can not reconcile with her childhood. All this (claims and offenses against the mother) she had to survive and release from her age to 18-20 and become an adult person, and build her own destiny. But this did not happen, she was still stuck in children's grievances against her mother, envy her sister and complexes and grew up an infantile person.

3. Due to her internal contradictions, Olga could not become an expert in any field, find a job, support herself, build her family, and went to a monastery, although people who break contact with the world go there, and she had a son, and she shouldn't have done that. As a result, she found herself in another contradiction: and not a nun and not from the world, but her son found herself in a shelter half orphan.

4. Despite the lack of complexion, Olga deeply inside herself felt exceptional because of her father — another contradiction, and this internal rebellion once broke through: she wanted the same recognition and fame as her mother and sister. "Why am I worse than them?" And this resulted in leaving the monastery, endless visits to TV shows, open letters to relatives in the press, in a photo session in folk costumes with a narcissism ...Her mother and sister earned this fame and national love for many years through hard work in the profession, and Olga decided to get scandals and revelations about the personal life and the lives of their loved ones.

5. If Olga had not been so provided by her parents, she did not live on rented housing, but had to make her own way from her youth through hard work, perhaps she would have become a man of better fate, and everything would have worked out for her.

6. Masha is an example for her. Let Olga learn how to behave with the press, how not to make trouble, not to wash dirty linen in public rooms, not to speak ill of your close ones. Before appearing in the press, Masha achieved people's love and interest in her personality. And Olga rushed into the media without doing anything for the people. And from Masha comes the inner light and warmth, it is pleasant to look at her.

7. Olga does not take care of her mother. She has a sick heart, only recently from the hospital, any excitement can kill her, and Olga took the journalists from the hospital to her house with her from “You won’t believe!”. What, it was impossible to bring a sick old mother without journalists? A little later, she made a scandal in the program with Boris Korchevnikov. Lydia Nikolaevna, having learned that there will be this program, said: "It is very painful for me now!" Olga has no mercy, even though she lived for so many years in a monastery ...

8.Olga made herself an idol from her father, whom she had lost very early and poorly remembers. And he, according to the memoirs of those who knew him, was not a flawless man. Perhaps, if he had survived and raised her, he would have opened up to her as an ordinary sinful person, and there would have been no such peace with a broken subsequent fate ...

9. Olga has a son, let him be all right and he will not repeat the inner disorder of his mother. And Olga, I wish to finally become a grown man, keep up with my relatives and live my life. Maybe turn to a good good psychologist. And when she can forgive everyone, then take steps towards them. And not now, after these terrible attacks in the press and TV.

How many complexes this is not a young woman. Sorry for you. Defenseless. I wish you peace and tranquility.

I watched the transfer of the "Fashion sentence" with her participation, again they did not like the same song, did not go I hope he can set the right priorities in his life.

a guest05.07.16 11:01

I read Olga's "confession" ....The unpleasant sediment remained after that. She herself lives at the monastery, the son in the shelter is a man of God. The whole world has exposed her mother and sister to evil, vulgar people. And she herself? I am with God, at the monastery. But on all the photos in the outfits, with make-up ... "Let the sister take me to the" Fashionable sentence "..... Opposite! Olga, you live on the money of your father, mother, continuing to be glorified at their expense. just such. Mercantile, angry, offended on the native and all world.

a guest25.07.16 17:46

Stupid, unkind, fake ...

a guest10.11.16 19:46

Such a long stay in the monastery was bound to bring peace and forgiveness into her soul. Looks like Olga is a mentally unhealthy person.

Olya, you are a clever and deeply feeling, and reflecting person, unlike, alas, your mother and sister — standard actresses with a standard sex-material attitude to life. Don't listen to the attacks of narrow-minded people. they are super-thinkers, very superficially thinking, and even stamps. Of course, the path of soul development is more complicated than physiological development and you pass it with dignity, but your mother and little sister didn’t have enough merit.You, especially both nakuralesili in life, without regard to loved ones, and only Lidia Shukshina- "keeper" of the apartment and the memory of the writer Shukshin-THIS IS JUST LAUGH !! With her boyfriends Alibasov, Sadalsky, and how many there are still with her. She has not grown old. Everything that belongs to you is YOURS. And your life is also yours and be happy in it. You deserve it. Each has its own way.

a guest28.02.17 19:05

Do not you judge, respected about other people. And now ask the question to "beautiful, thin, deep person" Olga. And what good things in this life did she do? What she personally did and leave her son. Not the inheritance of father and mother, but herself?

a guest23.05.18 19:13

ungrateful mediocrity, earning on the negation of his mother, a great actress, and the type of father, whom she should not remember by her age; how shameful the great people of their family are.

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