O la la: the secrets of the perfect decor from the French

No wonder they say that the real French can create a hat, outfit and lunch, almost nothing. The same applies to the decor. French women are not as simple as they seem at first glance. And certainly they will not be content with the miserable decoration of a room or apartment. Not they! We understand how to create French chic in your apartment.

Have you ever noticed with what carelessness the French put on a scarf or a headdress, and their whole image looks as if a famous designer worked on it, no less? In their apartments, the French act in exactly the same way. Even if all things are placed carelessly around the room, all together they look so harmonious that it seems as though the master had a hand in the interior design. In fact, if you know a few secrets, then you can arrange your apartments in a stylish and tasteful way.

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Artistic mess and full bathroom

The French women, unlike the same Englishwomen, do not seek to streamline their lives and everything around them. Therefore, in their apartments it is often possible to find elements of confusion, which give the house charm and comfort. A crumpled coverlet, a rug that fell on the floor, a portrait with cracked paint — all this indicates that real life is passing here.

As for a full-fledged bathroom, French women, of course, can use the shower cabin due to lack of time, but where with great pleasure they will arrange a real home spa by immersing themselves in an elegant, free-standing porcelain bathtub, hoisting up a beautiful bouquet and a fluffy terry towel. But what about the curtain so that water does not spill on the floor? What are you talking about? French women are not embarrassed by such a trifle, and they certainly are not afraid to get wet.

Elements of luxury and a little sparkle

In any elegant French house you can find silk curtains falling to the floor in beautiful waves, luxurious bedding, a gilded mirror and other decor items. French women love accessories, and they certainly must be of the highest quality.

Usually the discreet interior is made to “sparkle” in the literal sense of the word,adding antique French chandeliers in the style of Marie-Antoinette or large mirrors in massive gilded frames. By the way, the furniture can also support the overall concept and have a golden upholstery or several shiny elements.

Muffled shades and historical elements

French women almost never paint the walls in bright flashy colors, preferring white, pearl, beige, gray, pistachio, mint or pale brown. But they dilute the main reserved color with juicy decorative elements that will perfectly fit into the interior and will not stand out from the general style.

The French, like no one else, know how to emphasize the historical elements in their apartments. Whether natural parquet or elegant stucco on the ceiling. They will never hide such wealth and, on the contrary, will try to emphasize this in every way with the help of suitable furniture and accessories.

All in sight

Unlike wardrobes, which are so popular, say, in New York or kitchen sets, where housewives usually try to stuff all the trifles, French women choose convenient detached wardrobes with drawers and open cupboards.In the bedroom or bathroom - it does not matter, as long as it is with shelves or a barbell and glass doors. And in the kitchen, without a twinge of conscience, they will place everything on the open shelves, proudly displaying their contents.

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