Now I always buy 1 more lemon! This trick was shared by the cook of an Italian restaurant!

Lemons- awesome product. Not only can bright yellow citrus fruits have a positive effect on health, it is also an indispensable aid in maintaining women's beauty and cleanliness in the kitchen. The characteristic sourness and fresh aroma of lemons transform any dish, be it sweet or salty. I admit I'm a fan of lemons!

But it is not always possible to keep fresh lemons on hand to use in cooking, cleaning products and homemade beauty products (you can simply forget to buy another batch). We offer to cook universallemon zest seasoning, incredibly fragrant and easy to use.

How to dry and use lemon zest

To make lemon seasoning, you need 3-4 fresh lemons. Wash them thoroughly.Peel off the zest with the help of a peeler, trying not to touch the white skin (it gives excessive bitterness).

Dry the zest (can be in the open air, it is possible in the electric dryer). Suchlemon peelready to use, for example, for flavoring tea. But we will go further!

Place the crusts in a food processor or blender and grind to a powder. Now you can use seasoning for cooking various dishes: baked fish, seafood, salads, pastries, creams ...

Use seasoning sparingly, since it has a rather rich aroma: 1 tsp. powder replaces 1 tbsp. l. fresh lemon zest.

By the way, mixing 1 tsp. lemon powder with 2 tbsp. l. sugar and adding a little olive oil, get a stunning body scrub with anti-cellulite effect.

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