Not every cook knows these culinary techniques ... 17 tricks for the most successful dishes!

Some people refer to the kitchen as a sacred place. The sacrament of cooking is a peculiar ritual. The dish will be successful only if certain conditions are met. An experienced hostess - as a clergyman who knows exactly what needs to be done and in what sequence, so that each piece is divinely delicious!

I liked theseculinary tricks: uncomplicated, but so effective! Pay attention to number 6, I think this can be useful in many cases ...

Culinary tricks

  1. Worthsoak the onions in cold water15 minutes before cooking salads. He loses his excessive zhguchest!
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  2. Before you start making coffee, add a pinch of salt to it, preferably sea salt, and a pinch of cinnamon. The drink will be insanely fragrant! It is delicious to make coffee with dried, ground into powder lemon zest or orange.
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  3. Add to saladscoarse salt!! This improves the taste of the dish several times, just try it ... In addition, this salt is much healthier.
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  4. In any salad, add salt at the very last moment, right before serving! To make the dish of fresh vegetables tastier, add a pinch of sugar along with salt.
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  5. The secret to the perfect cake is simple! Observe this rule: for the dough, the amount of flour, eggs, butter and sugar in grams should be the same.
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  6. Sure toadd salt to the dough, even in the dough for sweet cakes! A little salt in the dough will improve its quality: the pastry will keep its shape well, it will be elastic and pleasant to the taste.
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  7. To prepareperfect fried eggs, cook it not only in oil, but also in water. When the protein starts to solidify, pour a little water into the frying pan. The scrambled eggs will not burn from below, it will be much more useful and more delicious.
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  8. Balsamic vinegar- not only an excellent dressing for vegetable salads, Italian pasta and a spicy marinade for meat. Try strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar and sprinkled with a few drops of fragrant vinegar - incredibly delicious ... Other fruits are also not bad combined with balsamic vinegar, it's worth experimenting!
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  9. Cutlets will be juicy and very tasty if added to mince instead of breadbreadcrumbs.
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  10. Dry the pieces of meat before roasting: a crispy ruddy crust is guaranteed!
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  11. Be sure to add a little alcohol to the pastry: vodka, rum, brandy. This trick will make the dough crispy and fragrant!
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  12. If you do not like beans, try to put it out in beer! Together with roasted meat and vegetables, such beans will be amazingly appetizing.
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  13. If you grease the meat 2-3 hours before the preparation of mustard, it will turn out very juicy! You can also sprinkle the meat for 1 hour before cooking with salt, let it stand, and then rinse with cold water.
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  14. Try to add a pinch of soda in the cooled, bitter tea. Together with lemon, mint and cinnamon, this drink is transformed and will perfectly brighten up a hot summer day! In addition, soda helps cleanse the kidneys.
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  15. Always mine and wipe the knives dry immediately after use: the blades will not be blunt for a very long time.
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  16. Soda will soften even very tough meat! Put some white powder on raw meat before cooking, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. You will be surprised softness cooked dishes!
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  17. Give hot dishes to the table in pre-heated dishes in the oven, and cold ones in the dishes cooled in the refrigerator.

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