Norwegian knitted slippers

Slippers with a Norwegian pattern- descriptions of knitting with crochet and crochet of homemade slippers with an interesting pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. 50 grams of white and light gray yarn (100% wool. 120 m / 50 g);
  2. set of stocking needles number 3.5;
  3. hook number 3.

Pattern Description

The front surface: front row - front loops, purl row - purl loops; in circular rows only knit with facial loops.

Norwegian Pattern A

We knit the facial satin according to the counting scheme 1, in even rows of the loop we knit according to the figure. To prevent holes in the canvas, cross the threads on the wrong side of the work. Knit chrome. always with both threads. For the heel, we perform 1 time from 1 to 44 row, then repeat from 41 to 44 row, but do not perform additions.

Norwegian Pattern In

We knit, as the Norwegian pattern A, but according to the counting scheme 2. We perform 1 time from 1 to 33 series.

The density of knitting, the Norwegian pattern: 23 p. and 23 p. = 10x10 cm.


Knitting description

For the heel on the stocking needles with a light gray thread, type 31 stitches and knit 1 of kn.a row of int., 44 rows with a norwegian pattern A. Then stretch through each chrome. next to the loop, to the remaining 29 loops for the upper part, type 31 loops with a light gray thread and knit in all 60 loops in circular rows, with a 29 loop of the sole knitting with the Norwegian pattern A, and 31 loops with the upper part - with the Norwegian pattern B.

Simultaneously with the beginning of the decrease on the upper part, we perform the same decrease on the sole, i.e. on the 3rd and 4th loops of the sole we perform a broach (remove 1 loop as faces., 1 person. and pull it through the removed loop), 4 and 3 loop from the end we knit together the faces. After 33 rows from the top of the upper part we sew 2 loops together of the faces., The remaining loops are tightened with a working thread.

We perform side heel seams. Crochet the top edge of 3 rows of art. b / n is light ­ gray thread.

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