No worse than in the garden: vegetables and greens, ideal for growing in pots

Summer always wants to be extended. And although gardeners associate it with hard work in the garden, still sometimes I want to extend this time. An interesting solution in this situation is to create your own mini-garden on the balcony. Of course, this is, rather, an occupation for the soul, than to provide the family with all the necessary vegetables and herbs. However, on a warmed balcony, in ordinary pots, you can grow a lot of vegetables, which we usually grow in the garden. The prerequisites for growing vegetables and herbs in the house, especially in winter, are lighting, using containers from 5 liters, adding organic matter to the soil, liming the soil and, of course, love of one’s work and patience. Let's find out which 10 types of vegetables and greens are best suited for such a miniature garden and will give a good harvest, even in winter.

A tomato

Without a doubt, this is the best vegetable that can be grown in a spacious pot.However, at home it is best to grow special dwarf varieties of tomatoes that will provide high yields with enough light and fertilizer.


It grows very fast. When you cut it, it will, in spite of this, continue to grow and give new lettuce leaves. If you live in a warm region, then the salad can be safely grown in winter.

Bulgarian pepper and hot pepper (chili)

They can be called superproductive vegetables for growing at home in spacious pots. But they need light and warmth, so that they will rather please you with a harvest. Peppers also like the timely introduction of organic substances into the soil.


This is one of the fastest growing vegetables, not only in the garden, but also in the pot. Radish is rich in micronutrients that are especially valuable for humans in the fall and winter.


One of the best types of greenery for growing in a pot. Grows well in partial shade. For him, it is better to choose a wide, but not very deep pot.


Peas do not require too much sun and heat, and therefore is well suited for growing a house in a pot. Peas can be safely grown on the balcony, but dwarf varieties should be chosen.


It grows best in cool weather. Carrots should be watered regularly as they do not tolerate drought. It can be easily grown in pots.


They have long become real leaders among the vegetables grown on the balcony year-round. They need regular watering and refreshing. They grow quickly and give a good harvest.

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