Christmas chocolate sponge cake

Christmas chocolate sponge cake(8 servings) - a recipe for the dessert, which will be a wonderful decoration of the Christmas table.


  1. 8 eggs;
  2. 170 g of flour;
  3. 170 g of sugar;
  4. 35 g of cocoa powder;
  5. 200 g dark chocolate (65% cocoa);
  6. 250 g of berry assortment.


Break eggs into a heat-resistant bowl, add sugar and heat in a water bath, stirring continuously, until sugar is dissolved. Beat the egg mixture with a mixer at maximum speed to a stable foam state, about 10 minutes. Sift flour along with cocoa, in three doses, add to the egg mixture, stirring very carefully, trying not to precipitate a fluffy mass. Spread a deep cake pan (or portions) with parchment, lay out the dough, bake at 1800C for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the depth of the dough. Cool on a wire rack, remove from the mold. To serve, melt chocolate, pour sponge cake and decorate with berry platter.

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