Needlewomen make creative accessories from simple material

Disposable ware can help us out in a situation where there is no possibility to wash everything thoroughly. That's just throwing the plastic that served you is not at all necessary. And if such objects are not suitable for re-use for the intended purpose for reasons of hygiene, no one bothers you to use them for making original handicrafts.

Spring bouquet of tulips

The traditional gift for the holidays can be made independently. And he will not wither in a few days. Make a core of yellow yarn, and paint the top of the spoons with acrylic. Connect spoons with hot glue to form buds. The legs will need to be hidden in a decorative basket.

Rose shaped brooches

In order to make this decoration, you will need colored spoons made of thick plastic and a candle. Cut the heads of the spoons and slightly melt them over the flame of the candle. Plastic will take on a beautiful petal shape.Gather the petals together by bonding with glue. Add a rose holder for a brooch or barrette.

Frame for a mirror or watch

For this project you need to paint the spoons in different shades of the same color. Rama will be in a fashionable ombre style. Cut off the legs of the spoons and glue the colored heads so that a smooth color transition is obtained. Use a sheet of plywood or thick cardboard as the basis.

Small flat pupae

They can serve as a decor for a nursery or kitchen. Draw cute faces on white spoons and sew clothes for women with towels or handkerchiefs. You can attract to the creative process of children.


With the help of acrylic paint, you can make an original decoration for a garden or pots with houseplants.

A vase for flowers

The collected bouquet can be placed in a regular glass jar, or even a cut plastic bottle, if properly arranged.

Water lily

The yellow center is made of plastic egg container. Complement the lily house or garden.

Peacock panel

This decoration will look great on a hedge or outer wall of the house.

Flower flashlight

You will need a few spoons and an artificial flower. Inside, put electrostool on the battery.

Flower candlestick

Complete with heads of spoons stained with acrylic, a simple glass beaker.

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