Needle needle as a sewing machine

When children grow up and begin to pick up a needle and thread, you need to immediately instill the right attitude to the needle. She should not be lying anywhere. And here needle cases in the form of small toys come to the rescue. Children with a great hunt poke needles there. Let's make an uncomplicated soft functional toy that will serve a good cause, and the needles in your house will not be in unexpected places.
 cut paper details
Pattern can be increased by you to any size, but I propose to make the base of a foam sponge, it is small. So, cut out the paper details. The dimensions of the sides of the rectangle, which we cut out of cardboard, coincide in shape with the sponge taken.
Cutting parts from fabric
Cutting parts from fabric according to paper patterns, leaving a small margin for the seams everywhere, and leaving a little more for the cardboard pattern.We wrap the cloth for wrapping the sponge with large stocks so that we can wrap it and tuck the cloth on the back side.
We put the cardboard part
We put the cardboard part in the center, we glue it along its contour.
Let's take advantage of the “Crystal” moment. The glue is good because it does not dry so quickly, but it perfectly fixes the material. Tuck the edges on the adhesive strips and press down with your fingers or spatula (as you like). Leave to dry, you can pin down the load for reliability.
apply glue
Taking a sponge is nothing that it is old. We apply glue on one of the surfaces.
 fix with pins
Put the material on it, fix it with pins on the reverse side. If not fixed, then it will be difficult to sew it to the sponge.
We tightly fix the fabric with threads
We tightly fix the fabric with foam to the foam.A little hard, but easy.
Add these two parts together.
 stitching over the edge
And stitching over the edge . It can be a secret stitch, in the finished product it will be completely unnoticeable, because we will decorate the side.
We continue to fill the product
We attach the details of the machine. Fill the tip slightly, insert a safety pin into it. It will serve as the second support for the needle bed, and will bring its appearance closer to a real sewing machine. We continue to fill the product with holofiber or sintepon, preferably very tightly. A wide opening is closed with a cut oval and we take it inside using a "needle back" seam. images / 8/1808-opredelyaem-mestopolozhenie-korpusa.jpg "alt =" Determine the location of the shell "title =" Determine the location of the hull ">
Determine the location of the machine's body on the stand and fix it with pins. Laying the workpiece aside.
 we decorate the needle room
We take out from our storeroom everything for decoration - satin ribbons, small buttons,beads, various braids, a piece of wire, everything you need. It is necessary to make a wheel for a typewriter. To do this, take the pattern of a circle of larger diameter, collect on the edge of the thread. Inside put a piece of sintepon and tighten so that the wheel turns out. You sew a button into the middle. To form a pin on which the coil of threads is holding, you take a bead and pass a thin wire through the hole. Then combine the ends of the wire, the bead remains in the center and twist in one direction. Do the same with the second wire and bead. Pass the ends of the wire into the hole of the button, do under it a few more turns and push through the fabric into the machine. Then sew a button. make a wheel for a typewriter Put a small spool of thread on one pin, glue the hearts for beauty. Braid wraps the side of the stand and glued. It can also sew a secret stitch. The small needle bar is made like a wheel, only a smaller cut circle is used. Until the end we do not tighten the thread to get a bottom.The part is glued to the stand for the machine and around it is decorated with braid.
 Needle in the form of a sewing machine
Put a piece of cloth under the" paw "of the machine, imitating the fabric being stolen. It can be decorated with appliqué, lace or machine stitch. Everything, our needle bar is ready. You can safely operate it.
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