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My daughter and I moved to a new apartment in 2015. It was a new building without finishing and not the biggest sizes - about 55 "squares".

Initially, the kitchen area was 10 square meters. m. Since the repair was done from scratch, decided to slightly change the layout. The wall was moved to the detriment of the next room, where the hall used to be located, and now it turned out to be a small bedroom. It was possible to increase the kitchen to 13.8 square meters. m, while the transfer wall was planned with a bend to form a niche for furniture columns with built-in refrigerator and appliances. By the way, this way from the side of the next bedroom there also turned out a niche where the wardrobe fit in the same way.

Thanks to this convenient solution for "embedding" columns in the kitchen, the dining group and even a small sofa are quite spacious. It turned out and the kitchen, and a mini-living room, where we receive guests.

All construction work on the transfer of walls and finishing (including electrics, ceilings, tiles on the wall and pasting wallpaper) were carried out in the complex construction team.In total, about 1887 BYN (1000 USD) was spent on the kitchen.

The general view of the interior in the kitchen was not originally determined by any particular style, we just liked two models of kitchen sets for a long time - a white “Limba” and “Arly” in a cream ash version. We could not decide which is more like.

The layout of the kitchen cabinets was done in the manufacturer’s salon, the U-shaped arrangement of the lower part was an obligatory wish - on a small peninsula at the entrance it is very convenient to lay out products for later storage in the refrigerator, plus this is an additional work surface.

The long lamps above this part of the kitchen are attached to a drywall construction that repeats the proportions of the peninsula.

In general, there is a lot of light in the room, and the lights under the upper cabinets of the kitchen, and the sconce above the sofa, and the three-hinged chandelier above the table give a pleasant light of a medium shade. Lamps were selected in the same style, glass ceiling lamps with brass elements, in our opinion, fit into the interior.

At first we planned to paint the walls, but then, plying the salons-shops in search of all kinds of “needs” for repair, we went to the wallpaper salon on the construction market in Uruchye, where we saw our chocolate-colored wallpapers. Unfortunately, I don’t remember their names.Until the last moment, until the headset was installed, they were afraid of such a dark shade on the walls, but, seeing “the whole picture”, they realized that they were not mistaken.

Lunch group of solid oak was chosen in the color of the kitchen. Ordered in the same cabin as the kitchen. The seat covers and the pillows were sewn onto the sofa themselves. Couch bought in a furniture store, it is folding. We saw by chance: it was perfectly matched both in size and color, so it did not have to be ordered specially.

Opposite the couch, of course, asked for a TV, he went there. There was enough space for a small depth chest under it: just for glasses and other glassware. Separately, I would like to note that there is enough space in the cabinets for the placement of kitchen utensils. Only one of the three columns of what it costs is roomy and comfortable, with drawers inside.

The curtains were the final touch, they were bought at the last moment in a small salon of a nearby shopping center.

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