Multicolored toasts from Natural Ingredients

Multicolored food - has become a trend this year. We already wrote how to make multi-colored spaghetti, using only natural dyes, and now tell you how to make a multi-colored toast for fans of unicorns and other magic. This recipe is useful for those who decided to surprise guests or their household, those who decided to arrange a photo session with exotic dishes, as well as those whose children often refuse to eat.


What is really magical in multi-colored toasts is their organic composition. So, once experimenting in the kitchen with cream cheese Adeline Waugh created her own miracle sandwich and shared a photo in Instagram. And although the creator called it "watercolor", its subscribers quickly held an association with the rainbow mane of the unicorn. And they called these toasts "Unicorn Toast", which can be translated as "Unicorn Toasts".

So, how to fly on the magic wings of the popularity of this toast? It's simple - you need to create a multi-colored cream cheese.You can try it yourself or follow the recipe, there is no clear guide. The recipe implies freedom, so if you want the cheese to be a little sweeter, just replace it with thick yogurt or add a couple of grams of sugar. In addition, the shade can be changed by increasing or decreasing the amount of pigment.

** Each color was created using 2 tablespoons of cream cheese | Credit:

Raspberry (Beet Juice)

Start with one teaspoon of beetroot juice and gradually increase the amount until you reach the desired shade.

Orange / Yellow (Turmeric Root)

You need juice or powdered turmeric - just one pinch. Slowly add a few drops to the cream cheese until you reach the desired shade of yellow / orange.

Light green (drops of chlorophyll)

Start with 3 drops of chlorophyll (sometimes it is sold in pharmacies as dietary supplements) and increase the dose until the cheese becomes a light green tint.

Light blue (spirulina powder)

You will need quite a bit of powder to achieve a color - a quarter of a teaspoon.

Lilac (dry-frozen bilberry powder)

Take a tablespoon of dried blueberries or raspberries and grind to powder, after putting in a bag on the clasp.Gradually add the powder to the cream cheese until you achieve the desired shade of purple / lilac.

Light pink (beet juice and blueberry / raspberry powder)

Take a tablespoon of dried blueberries or raspberries and grind to powder, after putting in a bag on the clasp. Add to the cream cheese along with a few drops of beetroot juice so that the color is really marshmallow pink.

Step-by-step photo-recipe for creating multi-colored toast:


It is better to start with a layer of ordinary cheese, because later, when shades are added, they mix with white color, creating additional colors.


Add a portion of the cream cheese.

Credit: Credit: Credit: Credit:

And here it becomes more interesting. Without any special techniques and guidelines, just start mixing colors. You can do it with a wooden stick, a knife or even a finger.


If the picture does not suit you, add some color where you see fit. (here, according to the author of the recipe, there was not enough blue / green)


And the toast is already transformed ...


Add some more natural powder ...

** in the photo the toast is decorated with golden leaves, but this is only for photography. | Credit:

Simplify the recipe

If you do not want to play with shades of cheese in the kitchen every morning, because it still takes time, which we often do not have, you can simply “put” the colored cheese in layers.

Credit: Credit:

And then stir a little.

Credit: Credit:

In general, everyone now has an idea of ​​magical multi-colored toast. It remains to connect the fantasy and start filling social networks with magic food with the hashtag #unicorntoast.

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