Most likely, your sewing machine also knows how to do it.

In industrial production, sewing and embroidery machine are two different devices. But it turns out that the most ordinary machine, even the one that got from the grandmother, is also capable of some simple operations. The most important option is the possibility of adjusting the tension of the upper and lower threads. Learn how to create artistic embroidery on your assistant, it is easier than it seems.

Like hand embroidery, such work will require accuracy and patience. Start by selecting the hoop. It is better to give preference to the smallest, which are easy to move around the site of the machine. It is better to choose those in which you can adjust the tension of the fabric. Secure the beginning of the stitching with several stitches, holding the embroidery frame in one place.

Needles for embroidery is better to take thin knitted, they will leave fewer holes on the fabric. Set the smallest stitch length and then the tension of the upper thread, which will allow you to form loops on the surface.For machines with a smooth seam, the whole secret of embroidery is in the movement of the hoop.

Master simple patterns, combining which you can create complex patterns. To thicken the stitch should go back.

With machines with the zigzag function, the possibilities of embroidery are even greater. Set the minimum distance between stitches and the desired length.

This simple technique allows you to create a rather complex pattern on the fabric.

It is a little harder to embroider with the use of soutache, which can also be used as an ordinary thick thread. But over time, you adapt.

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