Mizinchikov to finger-type battery adapter

Sometimes such a nuisance happens, like unexpectedly sitting down (for example, in a clock or an alarm clock!) AA batteries, in common “fingertips”, and you only have Mizinchikovye (type "AAA"). You can of course go and buy new ones in the store, or charge them if you have rechargeable batteries. But it would be much more convenient and faster if you had such an adapter for batteries. This will help to postpone the purchase of batteries if you don’t want to leave home for such a trifling purchase.

You need it

To make this adapter, we need the following materials and tools:
  • Stationery knife,
  • self-adhesive colored oilcloth,
  • file,
  • flat screwdriver,
  • emery machine,
  • rubber gloves,
  • safety glasses,
  • paper,
  • foil,
  • second glue,
  • and not needed,an AA-sized battery pack.
IMPORTANT: The battery must be a solid shell, such as a capsule, and not with jointed edges! Alkaline elements have exactly what you need.

Making an adapter for batteries

So, before you begin, you must follow all the precautions! Wear gloves and glasses. Next, we take our battery, free it from the label (if it has one) with a clerical knife.
Adapter for batteries with mizinchikovyh on finger
Then carefully cut off one-fourth of the battery from the bottom (minus side). This is approximately millimeters 15.
Adapter for batteries with mizinchikovyh on fingertips
If the battery was liquid, let it drain and then continue to work. After removing the specified part, using a flat screwdriver, pick out the contents of the battery in a sealed bag or container, and then recycle it as a waste of class 1-2.
Adapter for batteries from mizinchikovyh on fingertips
Wash the product with water.After the above procedures, you should get an all-metal capsule. To remove the burrs and align the cut edges, use the file.
Adapter for batteries with mizinchikovyh on finger
Next, we need to make a filler, so that a small battery does not hang out in this adapter. To do this, we take a little pinky battery and tightly wrap it with paper until it fits the size of the finished capsule.
Adapter for batteries from mizinchikovyh on finger
Adapter for batteries from mizinchikovyh on fingertips
One more thing: so that the twisted roll doesn’t roll up when we pull out the little battery from it, you need to stick a piece of double-sided tape on the first turn. Next, we roll a small, non-dense ball from the foil (so that it is then easy to fit the desired length by squeezing this ball) and put it in the capsule. From above we insert a roll of paper made earlier and dub it with the edges of the capsule with a clerical knife.
Adapter for batteries from mizinchikovyh on fingertips
Fix the roll in the capsule with a second glue by soaking the edges. Pasting the resulting product with self-adhesive oilcloth. You can also use heat shrinkable tubes of suitable size.

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