Mini oven from wall gas boiler

The gas boiler is undoubtedly a necessary and useful thing, but, alas, it is not eternal. Unfortunately, many modern household appliances are made with the expectation that their repair costs the consumer more than acquiring a new device and a gas boiler is one of such devices. If at your country house or in your home boiler room has failed, do not rush to throw it out, or take it to the scrap, after replacing it with a new one. There are many necessary and useful mechanisms in his system; various motors, pumps, valves, dumpers and similar parts. Among all this there is a combustion chamber and a pipe for the removal of combustion products. That is exactly what we need for the manufacture of mini-stoves. Such a stove can be very useful in a tent when traveling overnight in nature, such as fishing, hunting or just relaxing on the shore of a lake or river, so as not to burn expensive gasoline in a car for heating. Also this furnace can be useful in the country,for heating greenhouses in frosts (with a corresponding modernization of the greenhouse, of course!).
Mini oven from wall gas boiler


You need the following tools and materials:
  • Screwdriver (corresponding to the screws, which are applied in the device).
  • A grinding machine with a detachable circle.
  • A ruler.
  • A marker.
  • Small hinged hinge (for the door).
  • Screws.
  • Drill.
  • File.
  • Making a mini-furnace from a gas boiler

    To get to the combustion chamber, we had to disassemble almost all of the boiler into its components and take out all the contents. However, I only needed a cross-head screwdriver for this! But if you work with a screwdriver, then it will take quite a bit of time. The combustion chamber at the wall-mounted boiler is very small, relative to the boiler itself. For example, I have it only 35 x 25 x 25.
    Mini oven from a wall gas boiler
    In addition (which is especially convenient), such cameras already have a branch for the pipe.
    Mini oven from a wall-mounted gas boiler
    The combustion chamber itself is also disassembled.It is fastened with screws and consists of removable walls, water heating elements, fireproof protection from asbestos panels and gas nozzles.
    Mini oven from wall gas boiler
    Disassemble the combustion chamber, remove everything internally, the contents we don’t need, and assemble the walls with refractory shields back.
    Mini oven from wall gas boiler
    Now we need to cut the door to supply fuel (logs, chips or coal) into the furnace. To do this, on the front wall, using a ruler and a marker, we make the necessary area markup.
    Mini oven from a wall-mounted gas boiler
    To determine the front wall, I took it into account the most convenient for myself, the lateral location from the pipe outlet, as well as the presence of a peephole from heat-resistant glass, monitoring the burning fuel. Now we take a polishing machine (do not forget about goggles!) And carefully cut out the door on the markup.
    Mini oven from wall gas boiler
    Diligent manufacturers, as a ruleSuch combustion chambers are made of special, refractory metals, such as titanium, so that when cutting, you have to be patient and, just in case, prepare a spare cutting disc. After the door is cut, let the whole thing cool down by itself. Do not water it in any way! It is important! Sharp cooling can disrupt the structure of the alloy, of which the chamber consists, which will lead to its deformation during further operation! The alloy for such products is designed for independent, natural cooling. After the metal has cooled, we clean the edges of the door with the file and the hole for it in the chamber wall. Next, on the door and wall make marker markup under the hinge. We drill holes.
    Mini oven from the wall-mounted gas boiler
    We also drill holes in the door for fixing the gate valve. Still need holes at the bottom, under the door. They will serve to supply air to the furnace (a kind of blower). If you need to install the legs, we also drill holes of the required diameter in the bottom of the chamber at the corners. We will also need a rectangular piece of metal to make a strip that will cover the inside of the gap between the door and the wall so that the door does not go into the oven when it is closed. To do this, we cut off a piece of metal of the necessary parameters, in which we also drill the holes for fixing to the wall from the inside. After the work is done with the drill, we collect everything into one whole, using small bolts with nuts, screwdriver and key of the corresponding number. br>
    Mini oven from a wall gas boiler
    Mini oven from a wall gas boiler
Mini oven from a wall gas boilerMini oven from the wall-mounted gas boiler Now we turn to the pipe. Such pipes for removal of combustion products from gas boilers are usually double. This is the so-called "turbo pipe". That is, inside the pipe there is one more - exhaust comes out through the inner pipe, and cold air flows through the outer pipe inside the boiler to cool the system. In this case, this is very useful for additional thermal insulation.To do this, simply fill the space between the pipes with some heat-resistant filler. Now you can not be afraid that the heat from the pipe will melt down the ceiling of your tent or greenhouse. As I have already mentioned, there is already an outlet for the pipe in the combustion chamber, so we just have to fix it properly.
Mini oven from a wall-mounted gas boiler
It is easy to install and just as easily removed, which is very convenient for transportation. If desired, it is possible to install rain protection at the top of the pipe so that it does not flow into the oven when it will not be used. Such an oven will easily fit in the trunk of any car, it is not heavy, compact. It will warm up in the spoiled weather and give comfort in your tent.
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