Millet porridge on milk. How to cook?

How to cook millet porridge with milk? Probably, each of us, once faced this issue.

Millet porridge - from eternity has been a familiar dish on the table of the Russian people. Her since childhood and loved by adults and children. In the old days, every self-respecting peasant used the Yar diet as a tasty dish. But over time, millet has lost its popularity, well, it is understandable, because in our time, you can buy any food, unlike the old days. But this food, vrjatli can on utility, be compared to porridges. Although millet is not so popular now, millet porridge with milk is still a favorite delicacy for many people to this day.

There are still many very many cereals: rice, greek, oats, rye, millet, corn, very tasty pumpkin porridge, but they are all inferior to millet.

So what do we need to make it? We don’t need a lot of ingredients, take millet, the amount of which is measured according to how much we want to make porridge.When choosing millet, it is worth looking at its color, for porridge it is better to choose lighter, and of course pay attention to the amount of garbage, and expiration dates were not expired, since millet is stored for a very long time. Water, it all depends on what kind of porridge we are going to cook, if it is viscous porridge, then water needs one to two, if it is thick, then one to one and a half. Milk, we use it about as much as water. Butter, salt and sugar to taste.

First you need to wash the millet. You need to wash it thoroughly, not once, in order to clean up the foreign garbage, do it all carefully, and you can also pick up millet. After which it can be processed and boiled water, the millet will swell a little and give a certain taste. Washed millet, put it in a pan in a pan, fill it with water, salt it a little (there should be a lot of water, as millet absorbs it very much) and set it on fire. We wait until the millet comes to half-ready, we take it off, and pour it with warm milk. Next, add butter, salt and sugar, it's all to your liking.

There is another way of cooking. For this we need two pots. In one bed of millet and flooded with water, as in the first method,in the second, everything else: milk, sugar, salt. Cook the millet until it becomes soft, then drain and rinse it again. Washed millet, add to a pot of boiling milk, and cover with a lid. We wait until the millet absorbs all the milk, and add the butter, and stir for 15 minutes at a slow fire, then turn off the heat, and leave the porridge to stew for 30 minutes.

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