Method of cooking fish souffle in a slow cooker

Fish dishes are useful for both adults and children. The babies especially need this product, because it contains calcium and phosphorus. The latter are responsible for the formation of the bone skeleton. Any mother must learn to cook fish souffle for children. Such food crumbs will eat with pleasure. It can also be included in the diet of people who are on a diet: the figure does not exactly suffer from this dish. Souffle is used as a snack for boiled rice or mashed potatoes. How to cook it properly?

Fish Souffle Diet Recipe
Fish souffle: a dietary recipe for children
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White fish (white varieties)150 gramsWhite bread1 pieceMilk0 stackChicken eggs1 piece (s)Butter100 grams
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:14 minutes

Fish souffle in a slow cooker: ingredients

Having mastered the diet recipe for making such a soufflé, each housewife will definitely include it in the home menu.Most quickly it is done in a slow cooker. It is important to remember that if the dish is intended for adults, then all its proportions should be increased.

It will take:

  • 150 g low-fat sea fish (fillets are needed)
  • 1 slice of fresh white bread (peel the crust)
  • half a cup of milk (sometimes they take a little less)
  • raw chicken egg
  • cow butter
  • salt (put to taste)

To create a souffle, they use both raw and boiled fish. In the second case, it turns out more porous. This dish is often served with carrots, cauliflower or zucchini. Vegetables are also boiled in advance.

How to cook fish soufflé at home?

Clean sea fish from all pits. Put the finished fillet into the bowl of the blender. There also send the pulp of white bread, the required amount of milk and chicken eggs. Salt a little dish. Grind it all up to a state of homogeneous gruel. To give the dish airiness at this stage, it is introduced separately whipped protein. Smear the silicone tins with butter and gently place the soufflé in them.

  1. In the prepared bowl of the multicooker pour 1.5-2 glasses of water.
  2. Then insert there a special container or tray for steaming, where place the molds.
  3. If you want, freeze part of the mixture.
  4. When you need to make something tasty, you can get it out of the fridge and also make a fish souffle in a slow cooker.

Close the appliance cover. Put it in the "double boiler" mode for 10-14 minutes. The cooking time in this case depends on the capacity of the multicooker, so here it is all individually. As soon as the signal sounds, take out the food. Remove the souffle from the pancake pans and put everything on a plate to cool.

Often a slice of bread in the recipe replace 2 tbsp. l boiled buckwheat or the same amount of oatmeal. Thus the calorie content of the dish is reduced even more.

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