Means of post acne


Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands, which is characterized by inflammation of the hair follicles. In another way, this disease is called "acne". If the disease has affected the skin of the face, it will be practically impossible to achieve its original appearance. Characteristic “potholes” are formed on the skin and it is extremely difficult to eliminate them until they disappear completely, but it’s worth a try.

The cause of the appearance of scars, scars and pigmentation is improper treatment. Such defects cause a lot of complexes in a person, and discontent with one's own appearance. The larger the area of ​​the skin is damaged, the more intense the color of the scars. However, there are many tools that you can use at home for a partial or complete cure of post-acne. The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved, but systematically apply the chosen and remedy, and consult a beautician every time you are going to use a new drug.

Means of post acne

The best post-acne remedy - complex treatment

In order to begin the recovery procedure to get rid of scars, you should completely cure acne. This rule should be observed because the means to get rid of post-acne will have the opposite effect - acne will appear again, and this time, getting rid of it will be much more difficult.

Post-acne treatment involves the use of the following remedies:

Regular use of special therapeutic agents to cleanse the skin;
Constant use of caring masks, lotions and creams.

Before the start of treatment and throughout it, it is desirable to follow a diet. The following products should be excluded:

Fatty meat, lard;
Pickles with citric acid and vinegar;
Carbonated drinks;

Food should be focused on fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and white chicken meat. Perfectly suited for different types of cereals.

Active skin cleansing

It is necessary to begin to treat post-acne with daily cleansing of the skin. Thoroughly wash off residues of cosmetics, excessive sebum secretion and dust after going out. Proper will wash, at least twice a day.In the summer, you can increase this number up to three times. Do not rinse the skin with hot water. It contributes to the opening of the pores, after which it becomes even more vulnerable to external pollutants. Better use cool, filtered water.

Soap with birch tar

It's no secret that soap with birch tar has amazing antibacterial and regenerating properties. Peeling off the surface cells of the epidermis, tar soap completely refreshes and cleans it for 3-4 weeks of daily use. However, this tool is very dry skin, so after its application, it is necessary to use softening decoctions and compositions, cooking recipes and rules for use that you will find below.

Herbal infusions

After using tar soap, it is advisable to wash your face with infusions of the following herbs:

Chamomile drug;

Means of post acne

To prepare the infusion, take 3 tablespoons of each ingredient, fill this mixture with boiling water (1 l.). Set aside in a warm place, cover the container with gauze, and let it brew for half an hour. After this, strain through a sieve on which gauze is laid in two layers.The resulting infusion bring to 1 liter with boiled cool water. After washing, wipe your face with this tool. To do this, take a cotton pad, dip it in the infusion, squeeze a little so that the water does not flow in streams, and wipe the face.

Fruit Vinegar

Instead of infusion of herbs, you can use grape or apple vinegar. With it, you will get rid of the darkening in the places of scar formation. In pure form it is impossible to use the product, it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Lotion for post-acne treatment

After the stage of complete cleansing is completed, you can proceed to the next - deep cleansing of the skin with lotion. It will clean the pores of dust and grease, whiten it and strengthen the regenerating properties of soap. Treat your skin with lotion not only after washing. It is advisable to do this several times throughout the day. Cosmetic brands promise miracles that their products do to eliminate this problem. However, it is better if you prepare yourself a tool that will really have a positive effect on the healing of the skin.

Folk medicine has long been known means that will help relieve you of dark scars and pigmentation on the face. This is the majority of vegetable essential oils.They have whitening, regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties.

The most useful in this case would be tea tree and lavender oils. To prepare the lotion, take the following ingredients:

Rosehip oil - 1 tsp;
Ether peach pits - 1 tsp;
Olive oil - 1 tsp;
Essential extract of lavender and tea tree - 5 drops.

Combine all the ingredients in a dark glass jar, mix and use for treating acne marks. It is great if during the day you manage to treat your skin in this way 5-7 times.

To enhance the whitening effect, add a few drops of lemon oil or regular lemon juice to the mixture. For the first time after using a lemon, observe the reaction of the skin. If redness or irritation occurs, exclude the acidic element from the lotion. Instead, you can try the oil of cypress or juniper. They also have a whitening effect, but they do not act so aggressively on the epidermis.

Remarkably suitable for combating scars and redness rosemary oil. It perfectly restores the skin, restoring its natural softness and velvety.In addition, systematically applying this tool, you will quickly notice that colloidal scars have become less noticeable. In combination with rosehip oil, this tool will give an even more striking effect.

Food should be focused on fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and white chicken meat. Perfectly suited for different types of cereals.

In the composition of its juice are burning components, and natural dyes. This complex can cause additional irritation, and the skin will turn orange, which is then difficult to wash off. Therefore, it is better to use the celandine ether. It is applied to a tampon, which is rubbed with damaged skin. After 10 minutes, remove residues means dry cotton pad.

Sea buckthorn essential oil, like all the above drugs, heals wounds, promotes rapid tissue regeneration. You will see the result of its use in a couple of days.

Most of all vitamin E is contained in almond seed oil. With its help, the surface epidermal layer of the skin begins to actively recover with the appearance of new, healthy cells. After the procedure, apply oil on a dry swab made from natural fabrics.apply it to the skin for 10 minutes. After that, blot leftover with a dry, soft towel.

Herbal solutions

The best remedy for post-acne is spirit tincture of Hypericum. To prepare it properly, take the following ingredients:

Alcohol 96% - 250 ml;
St. John's wort (dry) - 2 tsp.

Means of post acne

It is necessary to mix the ingredients in a dark glass jar, let it brew for 10-12 days in a cool dark place under a tightly closed lid. The resulting remedy must be cleaned daily before going to bed with traces of acne.

Another great tool can be prepared as follows:

Dry flowers of calendula - 2 st.l.
Water (boiling water) - 1 l .;
Alcohol 96% - 30 g .;
Pharmaceutical Aspirin (tablets) - 6 pcs;
Pharmaceutical chloramphenicol (tablets) - 6 pcs.

Marigold poured boiling water and infused for half an hour under a warm towel. All tablets are ground in fine powder and diluted in alcohol. After the infusion of marigold cools, it must be filtered. Then, mix all the ingredients together. Daily, before going to bed, wipe your skin with this composition.

Perfectly whitens and restores the skin infusion of parsley leaves, frozen in the freezer. Pour the infusion into the ice molds, and every day, morning and evening, rub your face with cubes.

Means of post acne

Salicylic alcohol

An effective post-acne remedy recommended by cosmetologists. It has a deep, penetrating effect on the epidermis, drying out the remnants of inflammation, and providing active blood flow to dead cicatricial tissues.

For careful care, it is desirable to use 1% of the composition. After washing, wipe the affected skin with this tool. If you do not have many scars on your face, treat directly those that do not have to dry the entire surface of the skin.

Post Acne Ointment

There are several proven remedies for acne scars - these are pharmaceutical ointments:

Zinc ointment.

The main components of this tool are cosmetic petrolatum and zinc oxide. This ointment is known for its restorative, absorbable and wound-healing properties. Do not use the product more than 4 times a day. It is applied to cleansed face skin at the site of injury.

Heparin ointment.

This remedy perfectly resolves subcutaneous abscesses, bruises, and scars.

The ointment has a burning effect, so you need to apply it only on the lesions with a thin layer.

It's better to do this before bed.

Balsam of Vishnevsky.

This means each of us knows from childhood. Moms often applied lotions with it to the inflamed wounds on their knees. This ointment has an excellent resolving effect on acne scars. To do this, apply a thin layer of means on a cloth (cotton) cloth, apply to the affected skin, cover with pieces of cellophane on top. Compress is fixed with a patch and left for an hour. After that, the skin should be rinsed with warm (not hot) water and blot dry.

Mountain gum (mummy).

This amazing tool is also called "tears of stones." It regenerates the tissues of the human body, smoothes the surface of the skin, and makes it velvety. In a solid form, the mummy can not be used for treatment. A cube or a plate of a substance weighing 10 g is dissolved in 1 liter of chamomile infusion, added to the composition of 10 drops of juniper oil. Wipe this skin several times a day.

There is another use case. Children's cream or oil under the diaper is squeezed into the container, and the mummy cube is added to it. The mixture is thoroughly ground to a homogeneous mass. This tool is used pointwise, if there are not so many acne scars.

Scrubs from post acne

To better cleanse the skin, and saturate it with useful substances, apply homemade scrubs.

Soda scrub.

It is necessary to take a teaspoon of baking soda, and wet it with water. Apply the product should be on wet skin in circular motions. After 2-3 minutes, wash off the soda with warm water and blot dry with a napkin. Apply the composition can be 1 every 3-4 days.

Means of post acne

Salt scrub.

Regular edible salt for such scrubs will not work. Best of all, use sea salt. Grind it in a blender so that large particles do not damage the skin. To prepare the scrub, take 2 tsp. salt and the same low-fat sour cream. On moist skin after washing, apply the remedy, gently massage and leave for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water and blot your face with a soft, dry towel.

Masks for post-acne treatment

Any woman knows that the correct choice and use of masks home cosmetology, will be able to quickly restore the skin. This statement is true for a person who is scarred after acne. For the preparation of household formulations do not need expensive components.Just look in your pantry, and prepare a couple of interesting and effective recipes:


Mix 1 chicken protein with a mixer and add oatmeal (0.5 cups) to it. Add 3 drops of lemon oil or 5 drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Apply the product to clean skin of the face, and leave for half an hour. It is necessary to make such a mask for 12 days. Periodicity of use - every three days.


Combine honey with cinnamon in the same proportions, and use as the previous remedy.


Blue scars are used to treat scars, scars and browning. Its powder is dissolved in warm boiled water to the consistency of sour cream. After that, apply on face skin for 20 minutes. This product is washed off with warm running water.

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