Mary Poppins, goodbye! Hollywood has found a replacement for our Andreichenko

In the continuation of the fairy tale, filmed by Disney, the main role went to the brilliant actress, but we like the Russian “Lady Perfection” more.

Of course, the Hollywood film about Mary Poppins, the premiere of which is scheduled for this Christmas, has nothing to do with the national film version of 1983. Director Rob Marshall filmed a sequel to the legendary American film Mary Poppins of 1964. This film at one time received five Oscar awards and became a cult for America. The main role in it was played by Julie Andrews.

The premiere of Rob Marshall's musical in Russia will take place on January 3
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Domestic screen was a real creative experiment. Having decided to shoot a musical based on the books of Pamela Travers, the director Leonid Kvinikhidze set himself the goal of making a movie designed not so much for children as for adults.As acknowledged by the master himself, he was very surprised by the fact that the tape was finally liked by both. Apparently, the important role played by the selection of actors.

Natalia Andreichenko as Mary Poppins, 1983
Photo: Legion-media
Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, 2018
Photo: Legion-media

Natalia Andreichenko got this role unexpectedly for herself. Initially, the beautiful Anastasia Vertinskaya was supposed to play Mary Poppins. However, at the last moment the director changed his mind, realizing that he did not agree with the actress in the vision of the image. Then the composer Maxim Dunaevsky suggested making tests for Natalia, who at that time was his wife. As a result, it turned out that she was the one who was able to embody all the ideas of Leonid Kvinikhidze. In the frame of the domestic Poppins looked thin, graceful and incredibly elegant. After the tape came out, the actress became a megastar.

Naturally, for us, the image of a fabulous nanny is Natalia Andreichenko in a laconic English suit, with perfect styling and a stylish hat. Will we be able to accept another actress in this role? It will be very difficult, even considering the fact that the director invited the brilliant Emily Blunt to this role.The only consolation is the fact that the story is not a remake, but a logical continuation. According to the story, the nanny-sorceress returns to the Benx family after many years. Do we like Disney's Merry Poppins? We learn January 3, 2019, when the official premiere of the film in Russia.

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