Maria Sittel told how combines work and motherhood

The TV presenter met with Rostov high school students and answered the questions of future journalists.
Maria Sittel told how combines work and motherhood
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Maria Sittel flew to the southern capital with an educational mission - to share journalistic experiences with those who want to master the profession.

Having advised to read more classics - from Pushkin to Dostoevsky - and to be interested in everything that happens in the world, the TV presenter assured the surviving girls: it is possible to combine a successful TV career and personal life: you only need to master the art of timing:

“Journalism does not interfere with family. I watched myself from the side: a lot of time wasted! And I could do something useful for myself. The fact that a person has no free time is a myth. Now I, for example, have a lot of free time!

At work there are more or less free weeks. One week I am on the air, the second - behind the scenes.Then my colleagues and I are preparing, we type out special reports, we schedule business trips ... This is how my life works, that I work, and four wonderful children managed to give birth. The youngest is two, his elder brothers are four and six, there is still an adult girl. I have time to go with them and on the rollers, and play chess - I want to do everything! I cannot postpone for tomorrow what I can do today. I want to create a family, and improve in the profession, and meet with friends. For the latter, by the way, now is not enough time. "

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