Making Christmas decorations in rustic style

Author: Elena Drugaleva

Soon the New Year! And what do all needlewomen do on the eve of the holidays? Of course, they create original gifts for friends and relatives, and they also prepare all sorts of beautiful things to decorate their home !!!

This is what we are now going to do - we will sew simple and highly effective Christmas decorations in the popular rustic style today. It is thanks to a combination of deliberately rough texture of flax, carelessly splashed with white acrylic paint, and a delicate cotton lace, silk tassels, pearl beads, these pendants look very unusual and interesting.

So, we need:

  • the fabric of unbleached linen, white linen and red cotton in small peas;
  • Floral materials (sugar berries and willow twigs);
  • jute splits;
  • buttons of coconut, metal, pearlescent;
  • pearl and red wooden beads;
  • silk tassels (easy to make from silk or viscose yarn);
  • crocheted flowers red and white, 2 pieces of each color;
  • small pieces of cotton lace white and milky white;
  • A bit holofiber or padding for packing.

We take the patterns of details (heart, circle and star) and circle them on linen fabric with a simple pencil right on the front side. Do not worry, the pencil line is almost invisible on the textured surface of the flax, anyway later we will tint the suspension with acrylic paint.

From white linen and red cotton, we cut out the inner details of toys, which we will spend on the main details of gray flax.

Prikalyvayem white and red parts on the base and spend it neatly along the contour. This operation can be done manually. For example, thread the mulina with a seam forward needle - will also look great!

We put together the top layer with applications and the bottom layer of flax, stitch along the contour of the parts, leaving small holes for stuffing with holofiber.

Have you noticed that I do not cut out the details one at a time, but work with them as a single piece of cloth? This saves time and protects parts from shedding (flax is a very bulk material!).

Now we cut out the details, departing from the line of 3-4 mm. Along the hole, allowances are left for a while, otherwise this place may spread out during the stuffing process. We fill toys with holofiber, not very tight. We help ourselves with a stick for sushi.

We sew up the remained site on the sewing machine. By the way, the line on the outer contour of the part can also be made manually (an option for those who are not very friendly with the machine!)

Crop the remaining "tail" allowance. To ensure that the sections of our toys do not crumble, we glue them with PVA glue. Leave a little dry.

We harvest loops of jute twine. I twisted the thread twice, but you can take a single rope. I recommend forming the eyelets with sewing threads, tying the knot at the base of the eyelet. It is more convenient to sew such a finished loop then to the suspension.

We put a loop on the pendant and sew it, closing the thread at the base of the loop with a small mother-of-pearl button.

The most interesting moment came - the decor!

I form small elements of the decor, stitching lace, sugar berries, flax bast wound into a ring and a knitted flower in layers.Then I put the finished element on the suspension.

When the pendants are ready, using a stiff brush and white acrylic paint, we create a “frosty frost” around the edges of the toy.

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