Luminaire without power outlet: a great solution for the garden

The tendency to decorate the garden with furniture and accessories that are more familiar to see inside the house is gaining popularity. However, you should consider the features of operation and weather conditions. A place to relax in the garden will look very cozy and stylish if you add it with an original table lamp that will work without electricity and batteries.

For PThe project will need:

  • Basis for a desk lamp (you can take a lamp that has failed);
  • shade;
  • scissors;
  • garden lantern on a solar battery

When choosing a base, give preference to a beautiful design, electronics is not important here. You can adapt a beautiful lamp, which can no longer be repaired, for this alteration.

We cut the wires, in this case only the decorative base itself will be needed.

The upper part of the wire is removed after unscrewing the cartridge.

The cartridge itself should be installed in its place - it will hold the lampshade.

We fix the lamp shade, its fastening is calculated on diameter of the boss.

From the lamp you need only the upper part, the leg should be unscrewed. You can immediately buy a flashlight on the solar battery without a leg.

It remains to fix the lamp in the cartridge. Place the battery on top. You can use glue or seal the cartridge with a cloth. Ensure the stability of the structure.

During the day, such a lamp will save solar energy, and in the evening it will illuminate a cozy place to rest. She is not afraid of wet weather and even torrential rains!

Date: 09.10.2018, 04:11 / Views: 31232

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