Lenten cabbage rolls with rice

Lenten cabbage rolls with riceis a recipe.


  1. white cabbage 1 head of cabbage
  2. rice 250 gr;
  3. marinated champignons 400 gr;
  4. leek large 1 pc;
  5. carrots average 2 pieces;
  6. Olives 100g;
  7. mayonnaise fast 100 gr;
  8. salt to taste;
  9. seasoning for mushrooms to taste.


Cut the core of the cabbage fork, dip it in boiling salted water and cook for a couple of minutes, remove the upper leaves. So gradually remove the leaves from the fork and put them on the plate to cool.

Boil the rice.

Fry champignons with onions, at the very end add seasoning for mushrooms. Rub carrots on a coarse grater, fry until golden brown. We cut the olives into rings. All the ingredients are combined and mixed well.

Wrap the stuffing in cabbage leaves. Slightly fry the cabbage rolls and put in the form for stewing. From above we put grated carrots and pour with mayonnaise. If it is thick, dilute it with water. Stew in the oven at 200 ° C for 20 minutes.

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