LED strips: a new light angle

Design of commercial interiors, showcases, advertising structures, decorating the facades of buildings, landscape elements, emphasizing design solutions in the design of premises. Now it’s hard to imagine all this without using a ribbon made using LEDs.

LED strips in recent years have become a very effective tool in the hands of designers and interior designers. Showcases decorated with their help, shops, facades have become a daily occurrence.

This lighting product was widely spread relatively recently, although it was used even in distant zero in outdoor advertising. Its victorious march on the market of lighting equipment began after the use of higher-quality, reliable, and powerful LEDs began in their production.

What is LED strip

In its simplest form, LED strip can be defined as a flexible board with evenly glued on its surface.LEDs. It is equipped with resistors and operates from direct current sources with a voltage of 12, less often 24V.

The improvement of this type of lighting devices today provides very ample opportunities for design solutions. Dynamic lighting and mobility during installation allows you to collect from it the most bizarre light designs.

Advantages of LED strips

LED tapes gained popularity in the market of lighting products and interior design due to a set of advantages that distinguish them among competitive models:

  • Simplicity and reliability. They are extremely convenient and unpretentious in installation, but at the same time demonstrate very impressive indicators of reliability in operation. Able to serve without a serious loss of quality up to fifty thousand hours of continuous burning. In addition, when working LED strip does not heat up.

  • Cost Effective. This feature is manifested both in low prices for this product (the most expensive option is approximately as an inexpensive chandelier), and in a small amount of consumed electricity.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • A wide range of colors.

Types of LED strips

As for any other lighting products for these devices, there are a number of criteria, based on which they are classified:

  • By scope. In this case, you can select the ribbon for commercial interiors (windows, counters, product calculations, etc.). Interior, used in the design of residential premises. And advertising, which are actively used to highlight banners, etc.

  • By way of installation. Highlight tape with glue base and attached with brackets.

  • By resistance to moisture. Sealed, waterproof and open models are on the market.

  • By the number of colors. Monochrome (single-color) and multi-color ribbons are distinguished by this feature.

Summarizing, we can say that in giving your apartment, home or store a peculiar, somewhat unique look, you are better off than an assistant than this type of lighting equipment.

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