LED lighting: economical brightness

The assortment of spotlights offered today can be categorized rather conditionally by:

  • designed to solve purely utilitarian tasks - high-quality lighting of large spaces and areas, usually outdoors;

  • used to decorate the decorative lighting of a variety of architectural objects and sculptural compositions.

The conditional nature of this division lies in the fact that many modern models of searchlights are completely universal and have the widest scope. The most significant difference is the LED spotlights, which are now actively replacing other analogues and are becoming more and more in demand.

What is the attractiveness of lighting technology based on LED technology and why an increasing number of consumers prefer it, despite the high starting cost? To understand this, it is enough to know the key characteristics of LED light sources:

  • The ratio between the amount of energy consumed and the generated light flux (energy efficiency).

  • Color rendering index - this indicator significantly affects the quality of perception of the parameters of the illuminated object.

  • Stability at voltage fluctuations in the supply network.

  • Durability.

  • Sustainability.

In the aggregate of all functional and operational criteria relevant to lighting devices, none of the competitors are able to compare with LED devices. Their resource reaches 100 000 hours, and the payback period does not exceed 2-3 years.

Types of projectors

To a large extent, the ability to realize all the advantages and advantages of LED spotlights depends on how correctly the lighting models were selected and how well the lighting installation was performed. The choice of spotlights is made based on the following classifying factors: power consumption and luminosity, operating voltage, color of the light flux, level of protection, body shape.

Lighting with a high level of protection (IP 65 and above) is used in organizing outdoor lighting of various objects - advertising structures and billboards, buildings and structures, work sites and stadiums,delights of landscape design, swimming pools. Moreover, they can be placed on masts or facades, on the ground or even under water.

For functional lighting, spotlights are used that create a white (warm or cold) color of the beam, and a variety of color options are available for decorative lighting. The shape distinguishes linear, round and rectangular searchlights, and their operating voltage can be 12, 24 or 220 volts.

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