lack of sex in family life

Olga, hello. Accidentally appeared on a page about you. I will try to ask a question and of course I would like to understand what is happening in our relationship with my husband. I live in a country far from my homeland for the third year. Have children. There was a passion and orgasm is all right. But his husband’s employment or maybe his interest in me disappeared. We make love 2-3 per year. Horror, right? How is communication with you. Never accessed anywhere, especially online. Thank you.


good afternoon

If you were on my page on Instagram, then there was a post on the tag # Vasilenko_ Libido about the reasons for refusing sex. Where stress, fatigue and lack of sleep are among the most common.

In your case, as far as I understood the problem from my husband. He does not take the initiative. And with your desire all is well.

So what you need to do:

1. Talk to her husband. Explain that this is important to you and the problem really is

2. Come together or one husband to consult a sexologist. You can come to me, I write through the sitesexsologvasilenko.ruIt is possible to another specialist who will trust her husband


And I tried to diversify my intimate life with the help of various means invented by people and already tried by centuries. Here, for example, oil for erotic massage. You will have many pleasant moments if you disconnect from your immediate problems and surrender to your feelings. After all, this product is created for you. Well, there are many tricks in this shop. Just read and love yourself more carefully. We are no longer women in life, but robocops! We need to rebuild their worldview. Successes to all and the joy of enjoying sex, because only he rejuvenates a woman and lengthens life. and, of course, love! But she is not far off, if everything is normal in the sex life!

I also think that it is necessary to somehow lure a man, shake, invite a call girlhttp://prostitutkiufy.partyand arrange threesome

I also had a similar situation, my husband did not want sex, I even thought that he was cheating on me, she arranged hysterics, there were offenses on the verge of divorce. Then a heart-to-heart talk took place between us, he didn’t always succeed in finishing the job, by this fact he was confused and generally worried that he was inferior.I then realized what I was ****, I would not support him, I only thought about myself. Talk to your husband! find out what bothers him!

Yes, everything is very similar. He works a lot, both outside the home and around the house. It seems to me that it does this because we have nothing to do together. Of course, we go on holidays, travel a little, but we spend evenings and nights each after our own. Golden hands and he loves the house, everything in it. I sometimes think that it may be important for him to have a home and a family, but how not to understand that everything is built primarily on the relationship between us. Love? After a long depression, after another severe divorce, I lived in myself for three years, without even releasing my relatives. A meeting with him gave me a new life, again believed in many things .. I doubt that she loves me.

Hello Andrei. Grateful to you for your comment, for the indifference of something to my situation. In fact, I don’t remember how much I described my story in detail, but like many I sometimes think it will be possible to write a book in the future, or it seems that the experience is more than enough to be myself (director) a psychologist. Wrote, because I need help, of course. I liketatyana.antonova89(thanks for the comment) offended by her husband and I think I have reasons, where pride plays, probably not in my favor ... My husband, for whom I left my relatives and home land, work and dedicate myself to the whole house, family and its appearance not to forget. He alone is not interesting. With that, I always catch the eyes of passers-by, many younger than men, messages from husbands of acquaintances that shared the event together this evening ... is it nice? Of course, yes, only it is foreign .. Olga Vasilenko, of course, she is grateful for the answer, and I have no doubt in professionalism. Only here I live on another continent now and there is no opportunity to see her personally. Another question I don’t know is whether the husband believes that the problem exists at all. And I also have a woman that helps (in extreme cases I appeal to her), and allow me to speak briefly about her, help - she sees a lot from a distance, on a large one ... and no matter how awkward it is, she lost documents in the house, which has never been and never will be .. nicely promised shortly. She said that her husband may be sick and embarrassed to admit ... And life for the care of children goes on and it remains only to feel sorry for yourself, you are right, Andrew. Thank you

and how old are you?

Talk with her husband heart to heart.We didn’t work well either. It turned out that he had problems with an erection and was afraid to admit. He is older than me, or age, or stress took their toll. If I hadn’t sent to a doctor and he didn’t drink Effex Tribulus, it would have continued. The doctor will prescribe what is needed, in our case, this medicine has helped well, the husband calmed down and relaxed, that he was ok, and his sex life improved.

this is very bad for relationships .. most often there is no sex due to fatigue and laziness ..

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There was a similar problem with her husband. Thought will be adjusted by itself. As the saying goes, let it go. Initiative was not like his side and mine. All the time it was getting worse. When I realized that I needed to save a relationship, I began to read a lot. I found many useful articles on the Internet, which to some extent helped. Not to say that everything is perfect, but the intimate character gap has become less than it was. I can advise you of the method described in this article. Stumbled on the other day. Very good advice.My husband and I have already planned a couple of dates.

With a beloved man, everything is a joy, maybe your problem lies in it.

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