Knitted socks with a pattern of braids

Knitted knee-highs with a pattern of braids- we knit comfortable and warm knee-highs, decorated with a beautiful pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. 300 grams of melange yarn (100% wool, 110 m / 50 g);
  2. set of stocking knitting needles No. 3.5.

Pattern Description

Pattern of braids:the number of loops is a multiple of 5. We knit according to the scheme 1, in even circular rows of the loop we knit according to the figure. Repeat the loop of rapport. Repeat from 1 to 4 row.

Irish pattern (width 36 loops):we knit according to pattern 2, in even circular rows of the loop we knit according to the pattern. Repeat from 1 to 24 row.

Density of knitting, Irish pattern:22 p. and 30 p. = 10x10 cm.

Facial surface:front row - front loops, purl row - purl loops, in circular rows we knit only individuals. Wrong surface: in circular rows, knit only izn.

Eraser:alternately 2 faces., 3 res.

Dimensions:35/36 (38/39) 41/42

Knitting description

For stocking knitting needles, dial 80 (90) 100 loops and knit a 2 cm elastic for the cuff, 18 cm pattern with braids. Then turn the lapel and knit 1 row of persons. In addition, gradually lowering 14 (18) 22 loops = 66 (72) 78 loops (1 and 4 needles 15 (18) 21 loops,on 2 and 3 spokes on 18 loops). Knit 1 row izn., Then on the loops 1 and 4 knitting needles knit izn. stitch, on the hinges 2 and 3 spokes of Irish pattern.

After 5 cm from the lapel, perform a subtraction as follows: on each side of the Irish pattern every 2 cm 11 (12) 13 times we knit 2 loops together. = 44 (48) 52 loops.

Through 33 (36) 39 cm from the lapel, we knit the heel. To do this, we set aside the average 24 loops 2 and 3 of the needles, on the remaining 20 (24) 28 loops we knit for the heel wall with straight and inverse rows 5 (5.5) 6 cm faces. satin stitch. After that, on average 8 (10) 12 loops, we knit a straight lower heel according to the general rules of knitting socks. After that, on the side walls of the heel, we draw on each side 11 (13) 15 loops and again knit on all the loops in circular rows, while loops 1 and 4 of the needles knit the faces. satin stitch, 24 loops 2 and 3 needles with Irish pattern. In order to reduce the wedge of lifting the foot, in each 2 row we knit the last 2 loops 1 needles together of the faces, and also knit the first 2 loops 4 needles together the faces. cross until 42 (48) 54 loops remain. After 19 (20.5) 22 cm from the middle of the heel for size 35/36 we translate 1 loop 2 needles into 1 knitting needle, as well as the last loop 3 spokes into 4 needles, for size 42/42 we translate the last loop into 1 needle into 2 needles, and also we translate 1 loop 4 needles into 3 needles = 10 (12) 14 loops for 1 and 4 needles, 11 (12) 13 loops for 2 and 3 needles. Then we perform the toe of faces. satin by the general rules of knitting socks.

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