Kitchen tricks that will quickly become the norm

Kitchen tricks are great power. Using them, you can always save time on cooking your favorite dishes. Taking advantage of such tips only once, henceforth you simply will not do it differently.

Quick cutting greens

Armed with a pizza knife, chopping greens is much easier and safer. Even a child can cope with such a thing.

Clean the kiwi and mango without problems

All you need to do is divide the fruit into 2 parts and have a clean glass or cup on hand.

The secret to making perfect ice

Use boiled water to fill the molds, thanks to this trick you can get transparent ice cubes.

Vykipaniyu - stop!

To prevent the water from boiling pasta or rice boiling away, it is enough to put a wooden spoon on top.

The most interesting about avocado

The degree of maturity of the fetus is most easily determined by tearing the peduncle. If the place of attachment is green or yellow, you can buy avocados.A brown stain indicates that the fetus has begun to rot. In an unripe avocado, the fruitplant cannot be cut off.

To easily remove the bone from the avocado, it is enough to incise it with a knife, and then pull the knife, holding the fruit.

If only a portion of avocado is needed for cooking your favorite dishes, then a slice of lemon should be attached to the unclaimed flesh. This will not allow the fruit to turn brown.

Oily fruit is much more convenient to cut into cubes, until the flesh is separated from the skin. Then you will only remove the cubes, using a spoon.

What you need to know about potatoes

Lack of a cellar is not a reason to buy potatoes in limited quantities. To prevent the emergence of sprouts will help a few apples, placed in the place of storage of potatoes.

Cutting potatoes into even slices is always possible with a knife for apples.

The secret to proper egg handling

This cheat sheet will always help to boil eggs to the desired consistency.

You can quickly clean a freshly boiled egg using a glass. It is enough to pour a little cold water into it, placing the egg inside, shake a little and press lightly on the shell.

If you do not plan to clean the eggs immediately, add 0.5 tsp to the boiling water. soda

An alternative to boiled eggs will be baked. Put them in a cold oven. Baking time is half an hour at a temperature of 180 C. The taste of such eggs is more delicate. They are good both on their own, and for cooking salads.

For baking eggs or cooking a portion of the omelet with different types of toppings it is convenient to use molds for muffins.

Remember, when you hit a flat surface, the egg breaks evenly. The advice of the “seasoned” to break eggs on the edge of a bowl or pan is a culinary delusion. A more even crack is obtained if you just hit the egg on the table.

To remove the shell pieces that have accidentally got into it, it is enough to moisten hands with water.

If you add a little starch in them before beating the eggs, the omelet will turn out much more tender, and it will take less time to cook. The same goes for scrambled eggs.

To keep the knives sharp

Keeping knives in a rack is better with a blade up, so they will stay sharp longer.

Getting rid of strawberry tails

To remove them, without spoiling the appearance of the berries, will help the usual straw for a cocktail.

The secret of cutting small fruits

Quickly chop cherry tomatoes, strawberries and other seedless fruit easily using two flat plates. It is enough to lay the fruit between the plates and, holding the top of them, make a through slot with a long, sharp knife.

That pizza does not become a cracker

Preheat yesterday's pizza, without overdrying it at the same time, help placed in a microwave glass, half filled with water. The same trick will help make fresh the remnants of bread.

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