Kefir, sugar, salt and garlic will successfully replace chemistry in the garden

Salt for sweet and large beets and against late blight

Have you noticed that beet roots resemble, rather, radishes? A very small and savory beet is not a reason to contact chemistry from the store. Prepare brine: 50 grams of water are added to the bucket of water. regular table salt. This solution should be fed beets, but not in the usual way - under the root, but at a distance of 10 centimeters from the root crops. Consider that such dressing is performed if the beet has formed at least 8 true leaves!

An additional advantage of salt is its ability to withstand late blight. Noticed his first signs on tomato plants? Do not rush to buy funds to combat fungal disease. To save the fruits, you just need to accelerate their growth. This will help simple salt. To speed up the ripening of fruits can be due to falling leaves. Dissolve 100 gr.salt in 1 liter of water, resulting in a concentrated solution. Spray a mixture of tomato leaves. After some time they will turn yellow and fall off, and all the power of the plant will go to the ripening of the fruit. By the way, a thin film of salt on tomatoes will save them from further damage by late blight.

Sugar vs. Cabbage Soup

It must be dealt with in a special way. Make a thick sugar syrup, but such that it remains sticky, but does not stiffen in caramel. Pour the syrup into the saucers and place them around the perimeter of the beds, where the steamer annoys. In addition, add a pinch of dry yeast in each saucer. After some time, the fermentation process will begin, the smell of which will attract cabbage. The pest will arrive on a saucer and remain there, as it will simply stick to the sugar syrup.

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