Kate from "Lost" walks down the street in a transparent suit

Evangeline Lilly is now just not to know!

This actress is perhaps the most remembered by the audience in the image of the beauty Kate Austen from the cult TV series “Lost”. For eight years now, this epic has ended, and now Lilly is simply not to know!

Photo: a frame from the series
Photo: Getty Images

And the other day the paparazzi filmed Evangeline walking around New York. Casually disheveled hair, voluminous bangs, dark glasses and, in the latest fashion, a translucent suit. She didn’t look exactly like the fans used to.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

"Naked" dresses are already tired of all the stars. Now, every famous beauty tries to show off her figure in something original. Someone, like Ratakovski and Kardashian, trying on clothes made of PVC, others (for example, Bella Hadid) switched to transparent skirts. And Evangeline chose a checkered translucent trouser suit.And if the black shorts under it immediately catch the eye, then in order to see the bodily color of the bodice, you need to really try. Nevertheless, in general, the image was very seductive.

By the way, after the great success of “Lost” Lilly predicted a brilliant career. Her pictures decorated the covers of many fashion magazines, she became the face of famous brands. But there were no offers in the cinema. Lilly seemed to be back in the model world - to where she started. Read more about these forgotten beauties here.

But the girl is happy in her personal life: she is married to the assistant director of the series “Lost” and has a son with a daughter. However, you can remember one of her bright role - the elf warriors Tauriel in the epic "The Hobbit." And soon the next part of the Avengers will appear on the screens.

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